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Clothing Testing

So for me when sewing bibs and burp cloths are the norm and clothes are something that really talented other people do. But tjis week I have been trying to work well out of my comfort zone. I bought a pattern that is a shirt and trousers and made Oliver the shirt. Trousers still to come.


I used snap fastenings instead of buttons as I’m turning the set into Pjs for Christmas eve for him.  For my very first shirt though I’m pleased.

Then this week I have been lucky enough to be asked to test a new pattern for A Sparkly Baby. It’s a Raglan hooded jumper. I’ve made two so far – one is up to 7.5lbs and the other is a 2T slim fit and I can’t wait to try it out on Oliver x



I will definitely be making plenty more of these little jumpers x they sew up in a couple of hours and are gorgeous!

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On the verge of the third trimester…

and I still feel sick! Yuck!  Whoever says that morning sickness goes when the first trimester is over lied to me.  I have felt worse this past week than I have done in a long while 😦

So this week, what have I been up to?  Probably doesn’t seem that much as I am struggling to walk and having funny turns :(  Since I last posted I have finished a bib and changing mat, and also been and got fabric to make more 🙂 I have also trailed a new pattern for clothe underwear liners as well.  I will definitely been making some more.

2014-09-01 10.27.53 chaning mat

2014-09-03 22.25.52 2014-09-03 22.26.18

I have also received the CE Self Certification Pack so I can test and then start selling my Snugglebears, Oliver loves his and I would like to make other little ones happy too. 

2014-04-27 08.08.56

The tests are gruesome and I feel sorry for the tester bear that I will be making, the poor thing will be set alight, have over 7kg hung from the seam and rods prodded into the seams to see if he tears.  Poor bear!  When I am doing the testing, I will take pictures and pop them on here so you can all see what each ‘toy’ has to go through. (I know this is a blanket but a toy can be anything that a child can be perceived as having a play value, so due to this blanket being bear shaped we have to CE mark them before we can sell them).

Other things I will be doing this weekend?  Well I will be making my tester bear tonight, ready to put him through the CE tests, I have finally found some material I like to make Oliver’s shirt for the sew a long I am involved in so I have the pattern all printed out, I just have to tape it together.  Hopefully I will have time to do this tonight so I can start sewing over the weekend.

Tomorrow, Oliver starts swimming lessons and I can’t wait to take him.  My little water baby hasn’t been for a while and I know he will love it.  Andrew is coming with us to help me with all the dressing/undressing since I will be getting in the water too.

Over the weekend I will also be printing off a new pattern:- The FishSticks Little One’s Layette pattern and I will be making some of the full baby grows for the hospital bag 🙂 I have some knit fabrics in so will be able to get them cut to sew straight away.  I can’t wait to see how these come out.

fish sticks little ones layette

I hope you are all well, I hope to be able to update some more pictures of finished items after the weekend.  Don’t forget we are on Facebook and Etsy too!

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A Catch Up

So it’s been a while and I’ve got a lot to tell you and share with you 🙂 I hope everyone is okay.

The biggest news I have to share with you is that I am pregnant (22 weeks) and that by the end of the year Oliver will be having a little brother 🙂

2014-08-18 19.30.59

So in preparation I have started sewing.  Some of the items I have made more than one of and am putting them onto my Etsy page for Snugglebugz (find me here).  The first thing I have been practicing is my changing bag.  I used the Stellar Weekender pattern from Swoon and love it.  So far I have made two at 70% for a perfect sized changing bag.  I can fit 5 of Oliver’s nappies in (he’s a size five), a pack of wipes, nappy sacks, creams and hand sanitizer, a juice bottle/cup, my phone, purse and keys, and a spare set of clothes.  Perfect for a day out.

13863_268208540053062_1339955757921249864_n 10505392_277733589100557_2719935684577261025_n

This week I have also made one of these full size, for my hospital bag and started to pack it.  I can’t believe how much space is still in there after everything I have packed!  There is a carry size pack of newborn nappies (how small are newborn nappies, I really don’t think Oliver was that small ever), a pack of the fabulous H20 Water wipes so I don’t have to mess about with cotton wool and water every bum change, 3 sleepsuits, 1 vest (I need to get a couple more), one towel for bath time, my toiletries (travel sized) babies toiletries, a blanket/wrap for in the car, birth announcement notes and a pen, breast pads and hat and mitts.  There is still plenty of space for all of my clothes and a coming home outfit for us both too 🙂 I am in love with this bag, I love the fabric and all the other things about it!

2014-08-30 22.06.44 2014-08-30 22.06.54 2014-08-31 10.36.58

As you can probably see, it has 2 patch pockets on the front, 2 open pockets on the back, an open pocket on either side and 4 big open pockets inside!  Plenty of space and lots of places to separate different items, mine and baby’s toiletries are all in one pocket, with announcement cards and pen in another.

I told you I have packed breast pads and a hat and scratch mitts.  Guess what? I made them!  The breast pads are reusable, breathable and have the softest fabric on top :)  They’re also a lot prettier than the disposable ones and took minutes to do, so I have decided to make some more.  Four pairs won’t be enough for me anyway :)  The hats, I have made in both blue and pink (I made them before our last scan) and there are plenty for in the Etsy store – I also have some plain denim look knit material so may even make another little hat in that too.

2014-07-20 09.40.18 2014-07-03 22.17.53

I am also hoping to make a few more items to go directly into this bag 🙂 a changing mat that can be rolled up to keep handy but also not be cold on new baby bums, a dummy pouch and some more bibs are all on my list as well as burp cloths.

Enough about babies though, I have a toddler too!  And he’s growing up so fast 😦 in less than seven weeks my gorgeous baby will be two!  It doesn’t seem two minutes ago since I was preparing for his arrival, let alone his first birthday (and now his second).  He’s a very chatty little boy and although he doesn’t have tonnes of words, he has enough to get by, and definitely knows his own mind.  I asked him for a kiss the other day and he shook his head, laughed and then pulled his tongue out at me!  Cheeky monkey!  He still likes his snuggles though which is fine by me.

Here’s a recent picture so you can see how far he has come from that little man in the incubator.

2014-08-19 21.47.55-1I’ve also been doing some sewing for him over the summer and made him two little pairs of shorts, and a pyjama eater.  The pyjama eater I got told would scare children but Oliver loves his, they will be added to the Etsy store in the next week or so.

2014-08-23 12.40.27 2014-08-23 12.40.41 2014-08-23 12.53.02

Of course, you can still find the staples of dribble bibz, messenger bagz and burp cloths on the store too.  If you can’t see something you are looking for, please send me a quick message, either through the Etsy store or on my Facebook Page where I will do my best to help.

What does all this mean for me though? 

Well being pregnant means I can’t have any of the treatment I need to sort out the slipped disc that I have, so I have to wait until at least January before I can have my MRI scan to help the specialists decide what course of action to take.  It also means that I no longer work for Santander as they have ended my contract due to ill health.  So instead, I have been on a short course with the Prince’s Trust and registered Snugglebugz as a business and am starting to work on building up stock for Christmas fairs and things like that.  Hopefully I will be adding a newborn clothing range and some gorgeous snuggle blankets once I have been through the CE testing with them.

So that’s everything I have to tell you all, I hope you are all well and am looking forwards to catching up with you! x

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A quick crafty post

So by now these cards should have been received.  But they are a great make for any occasion off a little one to a loved one.  And as they get older they can help too!

What you need:

A card big enough to put your childs handprint onto.  I used a small one since Oliver has only got little hands.

A piece of scrapbooking paper – A4 size is big enough to get all three hand prints out of for Oliver’s age and a little older.  I found a free printable online that I liked and printed that off.

A smaller piece of patterned card or paper to do the middle with.  This only needs to be 1” wide by 10” long.



A Black Felt Pen

A Pencil

A Piece of plain card or paper to do the template hand shape with.

2014-06-13 20.27.17

How to make the card:

Draw around your childs hand on the piece of card or paper you have for the template and cut it out.  Since Oliver wriggles so much I found it easier to do while he was asleep.

Trace and cut two hands where the thumb is on the left and one where the thumb is on the left from your scrapbooking paper.

2014-06-13 20.47.42

On your strip of patterned paper, fold it into inch wide squares so it concertinas and then on there, one letter per square using the black felt pen, write ‘This Much’.

2014-06-13 20.49.14

Take your card and glue down one of the hand shapes you have two of, on the front leaving a space at the top to write.  At the top of the card write the persons name and on the hand write ‘I love you…’

2014-06-13 20.56.08  2014-06-13 20.57.02 

On the inside of the card glue the other two hands so there is one on each side.  Making it look like the hands are open wide. 

2014-06-13 20.59.03

Once they are dry take the concertina ‘This Much’ and put your glue on the back of the ‘T’ stick it down in the middle of the hand on the left and then fold it into place so you can glue the back of the ‘H’.  Once done close the card, this will position the other side, all you need to do is press down hard.

2014-06-13 20.59.58

All that’s left to do then is open it back up and write your greeting in the card 🙂

2014-06-13 21.00.55

I made 6 of these cards in the end and found them nice and easy to do, of course with older children you could use ink or paint to do the hand prints and let them take more of a lead in the activity but for now Oliver’s mark making skills are still growing so I like this way for preserving his little hands x

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Blog Hop Part 2!

Okay no excuse, I really MUST READ INSTUCTIONS! lol The questions I answered to go on Kirsty’s post over at were actually supposed to go here – so without further delay (I’ve been out since 7.30am this morning) here are the questions Kirsty put to me and my answers.  The character is from Old Magick available on Amazon here: ‘Old Magick’.

What is the name of the main character? Is (s)he real or fictitious? When and where is the story set?

The main character in Old Magick is Loshelle. She is completely fictitious although the places are real enough. The story is set in Cheshire in a big estate house, with lots of land around it. Best to keep humans safe by keeping them away from the family.

What should we know about him/her?

Loshelle is a Purebred vampire – one of less than five left in the world and she is having to protect her family secret and try and live her life as she thinks she should be able. She has the old magick running through her veins and is able to manipulate the minds of people around her.

What is the main conflict? What messes up his/her life?

Other than the major issue of someone leaking family secrets and revealing vampires to the human race, Loshelle is also caught up in a love affair with Kyle who is bound to her. He keeps her on her toes and helps run the family estate – mainly by getting in the way; so Loshelle is forced on a regular basis to step in and take charge.

What is the character’s goal?

Loshelle has to find the threat to her family and face it head on. This means fighting against people who she thought were loyal and against a force she knows very little about, endangering herself, family and the very future of her race’s existence all to protect the vampires from humans.

I hope you have enjoyed finding out a bit about Old Magick – if you have read it please feel free to leave me a review on the Amazon page – I love to hear your feedback.  You’ll also be pleased to know that the second book is still in the works – I haven’t forgotten about it, I am hoping to have the first unedited version ready by the end of the year so I can start polishing it for you all! 

Like I say, pop over and say hello to Kirsty too!  Her works are paranormal romance with a twist – and I never get the twist until it happens x  well worth a read 🙂

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A Blog hop :)

So this time my catch up is on writing – I know I have been quiet – unfortunately I haven’t been very well 😦 however, that has left me with some time to work on re-editing one of my other pieces – Black Widow.  Not only am I editing but I am extending to give a fuller view of the story.  It may take me a while to finish but as soon as it is I will let you all know.

I have been asked by a very good writer I know to take part in a blog hop and I have been sent a set of questions to answer – of course if you have read Old Magick you will know the answers, but pop over and say hello to Kirsty anyway!  She has been published on a number of occasions and has a book published with Choc Lit Publishers – I can’t wait to read the next instalment in the trilogy!   You can find Kirsty at where there are also some links to other great writers too!  Please pop by and say hello.

Tomorrow I will be doing a quick crafty post – all in aid of fathers day – the skills are transferrable to other holidays though x

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A catch up!

Gosh I’ve been terrible at writing and I am so sorry, I’ve been caught up with one thing and another.  I’ve booked in to do my first craft fair, 5th April at the Salutation hotel in Doncaster 12pm – come and see us if you are in the area!  Other than that, I’ve been off work with my back – I am currently waiting on an appointment with the Pain Specialist again.  Hopefully it’s just a flair up and I can get back to work soon.

I have some new makes to show you 🙂

2014-03-16 18.17.02

This is the first item of clothing I have EVER made! and I am so pleased with it!

2014-02-15 18.42.34 2014-02-16 05.51.28 2014-02-26 23.37.52 2014-02-26 23.38.01 2014-02-28 08.46.41 2014-03-04 08.19.54 2014-03-04 09.37.16 2014-03-04 09.45.50 2014-03-11 12.14.24

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Long time no write

So I thought I would remedy it.

How are you all?  I’ve been rather sore this week, my back has been playing up and I have been struggling.  A toddling baby that gets stuck in precarious places on a regular basis and having to lift him away from them has got rather painful.  So I’m booked in with the doctor tomorrow.  Hopefully she can suggest something.

In the mean time I have managed a little sewing this weekend since it was 6am by the time I managed to get rid of enough of the pain in my back that I could go to sleep.  So I made this:

2014-02-16 05.51.28 

The fabric has been cut and waiting for me to put it together for more than 6 weeks, so I decided it was high time I did it.  And guess what, I love it!  The fabric was easy to work with, it took just 2 hours to sew and not much concentration was needed.

Yesterday I made this little messy play bag as well, it will hold a matching apron, some paints and brushes, some special crayons, chalks and paper.  It is for my niece for Easter.  What do you think?  The pack is toddler sized, so she can use the bag for other things, but is wipe down so perfect for messy play.

2014-02-15 18.42.34

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January Update

So, we’re three weeks in to 2014 nearly now, I thought I would see how everyone is and give you an update and where we are as well as Snugglebugz x

We are doing well, Andrew has started work and is enjoying his new job, tomorrow is the first day I have to leave Oliver with his nanny while I go to work to wait for daddy to come home, it should only be for 3.5 hours but I am still nervous, I have never left him with anyone for more than an hour before.  I know he will have a whale of a time with nanny and grandad but I worry anyway.  Hoping he doesn’t cry and make me feel guilty before I have to go to work.

Oliver was weighed and measured last week – at fifteen months he is now on the 50th centile for his weight (and following it perfectly) but only on the 9th for his height – I do hope the poor little bug doesn’t end up short like mummy!  Other than that he is doing well, we have more words coming now and again and he is so very very active!  He is back into his sleeping routine so we are all happier and less tired as well 😀

As with my makes – I finished off those two cushion covers last week 🙂 And yesterday and today I made this cute little doggy out of one of my favourite rompers that Oliver wore during the summer – it was a size 6-9 months so had enough to make the doggy and I still have the main front panel to put towards a patchwork quilt that I want to start at the end of the year as I have time to get through Oliver’s clothes and keepsakes x (the blue stripes are on the back of the romper and I still have the monkey safe).

2014-01-19 20.09.52  2013-05-04 15.29.35

As for the Snugglebugz page – we still have our facebook page going and it is stedily growing but we are in the process of setting up a matching website too – it is working and we have some products on there – but most of them say price on request – this is to let you have your choice of accessories and fabrics – I make to order 🙂 if you want to pop by our new site we are at please say hello on our recent blog post and let us know a little about you too x

We hope you are all okay too xxx

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UFO’s Are All Around Me!

Going from another post I have seen today, I wanted to lay all my cards on the table.  I have LOADS of UFO’s (Un Finished Objects) that surround me in my crafting life and they NEED to be finished!  I do finish projects, I promise you I do!  (Although they are generally for other people).  So here goes, I am going to put a list of all my UFO’s on here, my aim is to finish at least one every other month, so I should have at least 6 of my own finishes this year.  I have said every other month to give myself some slack with being back in work thirty hours a week and looking after Oliver in the day too.  It doesn’t give me much time for crafting at night.  Here goes:


This is Cleopatra by DMC – the kit number is BK164.  I also have King Tut and Nefertiti to match but this one has been a UFO for over 4 years now.  And believe it or not I have done an awful lot more than this, all the circles are finished and the surrounding area is filled in but I need to do the backstitch – and I despise backstitch!  But I really need to get it done as I would love to see this on my wall.


This is a chart by heaven and earth designs – it is QS Blue Butterfly, I fell in love with the colours of this, but I really haven’t had chance to do anything on it since I was pregnant with Oliver.

2013-06-10115838_zpsdcb89292 2013-03-18213205_zpse2cde545

These two are also by heaven and earth designs, there is SK Fragile and QS Literate Dragon which I started for the stitch along with the Bulletin board.  I hope to get at least one of these finished this year.

So, that’s it for cross stitch, now for my sewing projects:

2013-12-26 23.31.20 2013-12-29 13.06.43

I have a couple of cushion covers to make, this meter of super hero bunting to finish off, the bright fabric in the picture on the left is destined to be a messenger bag with a blue lining (there will be a pattern to go with this and tutorial eventually, I have been putting it together as I have been making the bag).  I also have a small toddler bag to make 🙂 for Oliver’s Innotab – I know, spoiled baby but we didn’t buy it him and we want him to have somewhere safe to keep it, so I have some fleece lining to pad it out with, and some webbing to make the straps but I still haven’t decided exactly how I want it to look so haven’t designed the pattern or tutorial for it yet.

New Starts:

I will be making Oliver a sleeping bag out of a fleece superhero fabric to keep at Nanny’s and also one that can be taken to Grandma’s so he has some consistency in his sleep routine even when we stay out. 

I am going to be trying some crib bedding, if I can make a nice set, it will go up for sale on the Snugglebugz page, but I didn’t want to start too big with a cot bed set 🙂

I have lots of dribble bibs to make

I have some sensory and Early years ideas so I will be starting with a minibugz basket 🙂

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