My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.


on October 14, 2014

Okay so since I am currently having so many issues with my pregnancy, my sewing has been put on hold.  I can’t sit at the machine long enough to sew a bib at the moment let alone anything else 😦 my cross stitch doesn’t interest me even though I can do it on the comfy chair downstairs so I have decided that I should get as much as possible done of this Project Life before the baby arrives, as having Oliver’s first two years to document is going to take a while, let alone having two babies to document!

I have started off by organising my photo’s on the computer, they are now in folders organised by Year and Month, unless there is a big event, like a wedding/birthday which has a separate folder in the same year folder.  Once I had done that I went online and had a look for ways to get my photo’s printed for FREE.  Yes, there are lots of websites that if you sign up offer you your first set of prints for free.  Snapfish do your first 20 for just the cost of postage, Free Prints on Android/IOS offer 10 completely free, Asda do (I think) 50 free, as do Aldi/Lidl and a few other places – it really does pay to shop around.  I have lots of photo’s of Oliver now and have made a start on his album pages, but I am using the FreePrints app on my mobile to order 45 free prints a month to catch up (They charge £4 for shipping but it still works out cheaper than going in a shop and ordering), not only on the current month but on the earlier ones that I still need pictures for.  This is working for me, even if it does mean I am scrapbooking the start of his life at the same time as the current month.  I have to admit I love the way Project Life works because of it.

You may know that Oliver turned two on Sunday just past, so I have purchased the theme pack – celebration from Hobby Craft for Project life, I have all the photo’s we have taken over the weekend of his birthday on order and I will be doing some of the journaling while I am in and out of the hospital with this baby too.  Poor Oliver spent the last 4 hours of his birthday sat in the antenatal assessment unit, while they monitored the baby and took bloods etc from me, he fell asleep on the bed there poor little mite and didn’t even get some of his presents until Monday 😦 I felt terrible but I know that he had a good weekend and he won’t remember it anyway.

These are some quick pictures of the pages I have done so far.

 2014-10-07 12.55.19 2014-10-08 20.50.56-1 2014-10-08 20.51.12-1 2014-10-08 20.51.28-1 2014-10-03 22.35.55-1

I still have some journaling and filler cards to add into the layouts but I love the way it looks so far.  I have also spent some time cutting the pictures I have that don’t need to be in a full pocket down to the 3×4” size so they are ready to add in as well.  It also means I have some ready for when I get Oliver’s mini album that I am going to do for him to keep when he is older as well.

2014-10-06 20.44.40

And then I decided to learn how to make some of my own filler cards ready for Christmas 🙂

2014-10-13 22.54.44 2014-10-13 22.55.01

I can’t wait to show you more completed pages, hopefully the next batch of photo’s will arrive soon and I can get working on them again x


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