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A Quick Catch Up Post

on October 9, 2014

So Monday I was at the hospital, Tuesday I was at the hospital and yesterday, you guessed it, I was at the hospital.  Luckily the only thing left to do this week is a set of blood tests.

I had my glucose tolerance test on Monday, saw a variety of different healthy living midwives and my consultants appointments were all pulled forwards due to raised liver function tests coming back.  So instead of them waiting until 3/11/14 they pulled them to yesterday.  I went back on Tuesday for physio.  The lady was really good, confirmed the issues with my back were not pregnancy related but actually all linked to my slipped disc.  I explained that my accupuncture treatment had been stopped and I am still waiting for new appointments now I am far enough along in my pregnancy and she said they should have been made weeks ago, and that she is going to go to the clinic when she is over in that hospital on Friday to find out what is going on.  She is also ordering me a proper support belt rather than tubagrip to help with my bumps weight.

Then there is yesterday.  I went for what should have been a quick chat with my obstetric consultant about my cholestasis and ended up being told that I also have gestational diabetes.  I have been started on some tablets and given a kit to test my blood sugar levels four times a day.  I have to go in for a growth scan on Wednesday next week, and I will be seeing the diabetes team, my obstetric consultant and the healthy living team after the scan and then the week after i have to go back to see the diabetes team to see if the tablets are helping or if I need to go onto insulin.  To top it all off they think I might have an infection and I have to wait on some results for that to see if I need anti-biotics as well.  That was all before I got to a snarky chemist who basically called me a liar because the specialist had prescribed me some cream that I had on the ward while I was pregnant with Oliver, and apparently they can’t dispense it because it ‘isn’t on their list’ and I could have never been given it at this hospital I am mistaken it’s the lesser version of the cream.  Well actually no it isn’t… that one doesn’t work, hence not being prescribed it.  She went off and proceeded to tell 3 people behind the counter that I was making it up because it’s not on the computer.  To which I was rather fed up and asked if their computer systems went back two years ago?’No.’ funny that, if they don’t go back as far as my last pregnancy how do they know – oh it was a different chemist then, they must have had a different list.  No apologies for talking about me the way they were or to me the way they did.  Didn’t offer to speak to the consultant to see what they should do, just here’s the rest of the prescription you can’t have the cream as we haven’t got it and can’t order it in for you.  So next week I need to try and get that off him on a normal prescription that I can take to my local chemist who will order it in for me.

This morning I have been up since 1.30am, Oliver came and got in our bed with a temperature and I haven’t been able to sleep since.  So now I am sat downstairs on my own writing this.  Hopefully Oliver will sleep off whatever is bothering him. 

I have some other finished pages to show you as well, the pictures aren’t great but here they are x

2014-10-08 20.50.56-1

 2014-10-08 20.51.12-1

 2014-10-08 20.51.28-1

I still need to add in some journaling cards and get an album but I really am loving Project life so far.  I have also done some hand drawn filler cards too.

2014-10-08 11.18.41 2014-10-08 22.08.26

The Christmas one isn’t finished yet but the other two have had their finishing touches added since the picture.  Unfortunately they are upstairs where Andrew and Oliver are both asleep so I am unable to get another picture just yet x

I hope you are all well. xxxx


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