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New Magazine

on September 22, 2014

Oliver isn’t a big story boy unless the pages are touchy feely normally.  He loves the ‘That’s not my…’ series, especially the ‘That’s not my Monster’ book as he likes to feel the different things.  Other than that we like to do nursery rhymes and at the moment his favourite is ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!’  He knows all the actions and asks for it a lot now 🙂

When he was little we used to read a book called Knight Time, he loved it but when he started to get a little older he decided that he didn’t want to sit for the length of the book.  That put bed time stories out of the window and I miss them.

Today I was in the post office and I spotted StoryTime, a new magazine for children.  It stood out from the rest of the children’s magazines for a couple of reasons and generally I have held off buying Oliver any because I don’t want to get him in a place where he only wants a magazine for the toy on the front.  He doesn’t watch TV (out of choice) and doesn’t know who characters such as Mr Tumble are so there has never been any incentive to buy him a character driven magazine either. 

When I looked at the magazine, as well as the fact that it was the ONLY children’s magazine without a toy on the front, it was the only one using nice artwork, not in your face cartoon style artwork.  Then I noticed that the stories that were being advertised were the old fashioned ones, the ones I grew up with like Alice in Wonderland (have a look on the website as there is a competition to win a full copy of Alice in Wonderland), poems such as The Owl and the Pussy Cat and games and puzzles for the little ones to play.  Oliver is nearly two but the magazines are perfect to keep, we will be collecting the series and filing them away for when he is older and can read them by himself.  For now though, I am one happy mummy as we can sit and read together and enjoy some extra snuggles before the baby comes and when the baby arrives we can snuggle together 🙂


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