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A quick crafty post

on June 15, 2014

So by now these cards should have been received.  But they are a great make for any occasion off a little one to a loved one.  And as they get older they can help too!

What you need:

A card big enough to put your childs handprint onto.  I used a small one since Oliver has only got little hands.

A piece of scrapbooking paper – A4 size is big enough to get all three hand prints out of for Oliver’s age and a little older.  I found a free printable online that I liked and printed that off.

A smaller piece of patterned card or paper to do the middle with.  This only needs to be 1” wide by 10” long.



A Black Felt Pen

A Pencil

A Piece of plain card or paper to do the template hand shape with.

2014-06-13 20.27.17

How to make the card:

Draw around your childs hand on the piece of card or paper you have for the template and cut it out.  Since Oliver wriggles so much I found it easier to do while he was asleep.

Trace and cut two hands where the thumb is on the left and one where the thumb is on the left from your scrapbooking paper.

2014-06-13 20.47.42

On your strip of patterned paper, fold it into inch wide squares so it concertinas and then on there, one letter per square using the black felt pen, write ‘This Much’.

2014-06-13 20.49.14

Take your card and glue down one of the hand shapes you have two of, on the front leaving a space at the top to write.  At the top of the card write the persons name and on the hand write ‘I love you…’

2014-06-13 20.56.08  2014-06-13 20.57.02 

On the inside of the card glue the other two hands so there is one on each side.  Making it look like the hands are open wide. 

2014-06-13 20.59.03

Once they are dry take the concertina ‘This Much’ and put your glue on the back of the ‘T’ stick it down in the middle of the hand on the left and then fold it into place so you can glue the back of the ‘H’.  Once done close the card, this will position the other side, all you need to do is press down hard.

2014-06-13 20.59.58

All that’s left to do then is open it back up and write your greeting in the card 🙂

2014-06-13 21.00.55

I made 6 of these cards in the end and found them nice and easy to do, of course with older children you could use ink or paint to do the hand prints and let them take more of a lead in the activity but for now Oliver’s mark making skills are still growing so I like this way for preserving his little hands x


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