My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

A catch up!

on March 21, 2014

Gosh I’ve been terrible at writing and I am so sorry, I’ve been caught up with one thing and another.  I’ve booked in to do my first craft fair, 5th April at the Salutation hotel in Doncaster 12pm – come and see us if you are in the area!  Other than that, I’ve been off work with my back – I am currently waiting on an appointment with the Pain Specialist again.  Hopefully it’s just a flair up and I can get back to work soon.

I have some new makes to show you 🙂

2014-03-16 18.17.02

This is the first item of clothing I have EVER made! and I am so pleased with it!

2014-02-15 18.42.34 2014-02-16 05.51.28 2014-02-26 23.37.52 2014-02-26 23.38.01 2014-02-28 08.46.41 2014-03-04 08.19.54 2014-03-04 09.37.16 2014-03-04 09.45.50 2014-03-11 12.14.24


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