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Long time no write

on February 16, 2014

So I thought I would remedy it.

How are you all?  I’ve been rather sore this week, my back has been playing up and I have been struggling.  A toddling baby that gets stuck in precarious places on a regular basis and having to lift him away from them has got rather painful.  So I’m booked in with the doctor tomorrow.  Hopefully she can suggest something.

In the mean time I have managed a little sewing this weekend since it was 6am by the time I managed to get rid of enough of the pain in my back that I could go to sleep.  So I made this:

2014-02-16 05.51.28 

The fabric has been cut and waiting for me to put it together for more than 6 weeks, so I decided it was high time I did it.  And guess what, I love it!  The fabric was easy to work with, it took just 2 hours to sew and not much concentration was needed.

Yesterday I made this little messy play bag as well, it will hold a matching apron, some paints and brushes, some special crayons, chalks and paper.  It is for my niece for Easter.  What do you think?  The pack is toddler sized, so she can use the bag for other things, but is wipe down so perfect for messy play.

2014-02-15 18.42.34


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