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January Update

on January 19, 2014

So, we’re three weeks in to 2014 nearly now, I thought I would see how everyone is and give you an update and where we are as well as Snugglebugz x

We are doing well, Andrew has started work and is enjoying his new job, tomorrow is the first day I have to leave Oliver with his nanny while I go to work to wait for daddy to come home, it should only be for 3.5 hours but I am still nervous, I have never left him with anyone for more than an hour before.  I know he will have a whale of a time with nanny and grandad but I worry anyway.  Hoping he doesn’t cry and make me feel guilty before I have to go to work.

Oliver was weighed and measured last week – at fifteen months he is now on the 50th centile for his weight (and following it perfectly) but only on the 9th for his height – I do hope the poor little bug doesn’t end up short like mummy!  Other than that he is doing well, we have more words coming now and again and he is so very very active!  He is back into his sleeping routine so we are all happier and less tired as well 😀

As with my makes – I finished off those two cushion covers last week 🙂 And yesterday and today I made this cute little doggy out of one of my favourite rompers that Oliver wore during the summer – it was a size 6-9 months so had enough to make the doggy and I still have the main front panel to put towards a patchwork quilt that I want to start at the end of the year as I have time to get through Oliver’s clothes and keepsakes x (the blue stripes are on the back of the romper and I still have the monkey safe).

2014-01-19 20.09.52  2013-05-04 15.29.35

As for the Snugglebugz page – we still have our facebook page going and it is stedily growing but we are in the process of setting up a matching website too – it is working and we have some products on there – but most of them say price on request – this is to let you have your choice of accessories and fabrics – I make to order 🙂 if you want to pop by our new site we are at please say hello on our recent blog post and let us know a little about you too x

We hope you are all okay too xxx


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