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Happy New Year

on January 5, 2014

I hope you have all had a good one.

Here at home we feel like chaos has descended! The normal routine has been thrown out of the window and we are only now getting back to a bed time that is acceptable.  Oliver will have a shock next week though as we will be getting up early on Monday to take daddy to work on the first day of his new job 🙂 Then, we are off to see how we get on at the local soft play before dinner and afternoon sleep, before picking daddy up, bringing him home for tea and then, we will swap over and I will go to work.  For Andrew’s first two weeks I have used holidays to have the first half of my shift off as annual leave, this is to try and keep Oliver’s routine as normal as possible as he is used to Andrew putting him to bed.  After that, I will be taking him to Nanny’s with his pj’s and she and Grandad will give him his tea and get him ready for bed and Andrew will collect him from there after work and fetch him home.

It will be hard and we may be like passing ships in the night but I want to minimize the amount of time that he is away fro us.  I don’t want to have to send him to a nursery or child minders (not that I have anything against either – I have worked in nurseries and my mum has been a child minder for nearly as long as I can remember) as I don’t want to miss anything.  The hope is that as we get more stable with money I can maybe look to drop an hour or two off my shifts throughout the week – especially if my new venture picks up.

If you haven’t seen already, I got a new sewing machine for Christmas (amongst other things but this present so far has had the most use!) and it has already been put to good use.   If you haven’t already seen on Facebook, I have a new page.  Snugglebugz has been born out of my love for making things and my love for Oliver 🙂 have a look if you get chance, we’re here at Snugglebugz (or you can email me at snugglebugz (at) live . co .uk – don’t forget to remove the spaces). So far I have been making a variety of things, some out of necessity, like dribble bibs (no one told me the dribble steps up a notch when the back teeth start coming through) and changing bags.  I really couldn’t find one I liked, so in the end I found some fabric that I liked and designed a pattern for my own bag and made one myself.

I have a price list on the facebook page and there are pictures of some of the things I have made so far but here are some others for you to see.

 2013-11-10 22.57.05 2013-11-17 14.39.28 2013-12-06 04.01.55 nappy clutch

Of course, Kirsty’s Kross Stitch is still up and running but over the next month or so, that will turn into a download only site rather than having kits available as well.  I only have so much time between work and Oliver for a side business, and at the moment I really want to concentrate on Snugglebugz and see if I can build up a loyal customer base. 

If you have any babies due in the family or your friends circle and are maybe looking for the perfect gift for a new born or for the baby shower, give me a shout.  It may be that I can put you a nice set together in your price range.  I can do dribble and normal bibs (they have snap button closing for ease of use and to stop little ones from pulling them off), taggy blankets for teething, burp cloths, charm sized wipes and wash cloths, washable baby wipes and wet bags for them to go into, changing bags, nappy clutches and other things perfect for new parents getting stocked up.  Or if you want to wait until you know the baby’s name I can do you personalised bunting for the bedroom.  Have a look at our page, if there is anything you fall in love with let me know and I will see if we can accommodate the requirements you have 🙂

I hope you all have a healthy, happy and prosperous new year. xxx

2013-12-11 02.11.57 2013-12-11 02.12.54 2013-12-11 02.13.23 2013-12-12 11.16.35 2013-12-12 11.17.12 2013-12-14 03.33.25 2013-12-17 01.40.17 2013-12-20 03.10.42 2013-12-25 23.35.37 2013-12-30 00.04.04 2014-01-01 01.27.24 2014-01-01 01.28.50 2014-01-02 00.49.43 2014-01-02 00.51.29 2014-01-03 00.37.51


2 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. Mandy Currie says:

    Hello Kirstyanne,
    Happy New Year, congratulations on your hubby’s new job and on your new venture with Snugglebugz, I wish you every success. You’ve certainly done an impressive amount of work with your new machine, what a lovely gift. My parents worked like that for a while too, night shifts and day shifts, it certainly helps and I hope you’ll be able to cut your hours soon as I’m sure that’s what you really want. God bless you.
    Kind regards
    Mandy Currie

  2. kirstyross85 says:

    Thanks Mandy x I hope you have had a lovely Christmas, Birthday and New Year xxx We’re still busy stitching away tonight on an order and I have the night off from my normal job but hopefully we will get into a routine soon x

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