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What a Year!

on October 26, 2013

Really, what a year it has been! From a speedy birth to a mini toddler in the making – Oliver has reached so many mile stones in his first year it is hard to name them all.

Here’s our year in pictures x

I don’t know if you remember, but my gorgeous boy was born almost 4 weeks early (by just a couple of hours).  I had a natural labour with gas and air, lasting just 1 hour and 40 minutes.  When Oliver was born he wasn’t breathing so had two artificial breaths before he came on to my chest, but he didn’t feed.  Then he went outside to see daddy and grandma before being taken to NICU as he was still struggling to breath.  So he was put on a Cpap and had an NG tube for sugar water to give him a boost of energy until I was able to join him on the ward and try to feed him.  He did struggle so I had to express breast milk (which I managed for 6 weeks).

 2012-10-13 05.48.24 2012-10-13 06.18.23

After a week on the NICU we were allowed to bring Oliver home where he had a lot more guests and very quickly made himself comfortable.  It wasn’t long before Louise came out to do his first photographs at just 6 weeks old!  We discovered that we have a little poser on our hands and that hasn’t changed!


The following month was Christmas.  We had some special pyjama’s ready and had Christmas at Oliver’s Great Nanny and Grandads house and his Nana and Grandad came too.  He didn’t really notice that the day was any different to all the others though – even though he had been well and truly spoiled – and just happily snoozed away in the corner. 

2012-12-24 20.18.13 2012-12-25 17.48.21 2012-12-25 21.13.34 

Then New Year came and with it the sad parting of my Gran.  It was a horrid time and I sunk into a deep depression but Oliver was always there with a smile to lift my spirits.  Once the funeral was done I got to the doctors and asked for some help.  Gradually I have managed to bring myself back to me.


January and February saw Oliver trying to sit up, trying new flavours as we began weaning and trying new textures. Rusk was an instant hit.

 2013-01-17 15.56.53  2013-02-02 12.15.15 2013-03-01 17.01.05

March was Easter this year and we celebrated it and said happy birthday to my Gran at my mum’s house.  Grandma and Pop’s thought it was the right time to let Oliver try Chocolate cake – he is definitely sweet toothed – just like me!  He also started to have a play in his walker and roll about then too.

 2013-01-21 18.56.56 2013-03-31 11.52.29 

April and 6 months came before we knew it!  The lovely Louise came back to do some more photographs on my birthday before we went to The Deep for the day.  Oliver loved looking at the fishes and we think it will be a favourite haunt for years to come.  April also saw the arrival of Oliver’s first two teeth as well 🙂


May brought a rubbish month as daddy lost his job, but no worries, we still had a holiday to look forwards to and plan, it also brought the start of crawling 🙂

 2013-05-20 18.09.29 2013-05-21 17.07.41

June brought said holiday, and full on crawling.  It was a fun month for the most part although my Gran’s husband passed away as we landed in Lanzarote.

2013-06-04 09.45.41 2013-06-08 09.56.49 

July and August were rough months for me again as I fought to get the hours to suit our life at work, and struggled through panic attacks and separation anxiety.  I got there eventually and by September was back up to date and finishing off my retraining on the phones.  It also brought Oliver starting to cruise around the furniture.

 2013-07-21 18.51.34 2013-07-30 20.09.11 2013-08-05 17.55.00 2013-08-11 19.29.40

September saw us settle into our new routine, Oliver getting adventurous at soft play centres and the planning of two, yes two, birthday parties.  It also brought 4 more teeth!

 2013-09-18 11.40.08 2013-09-18 12.10.37 2013-09-20 11.20.39

October arrived and I realised that my baby boy is no longer that baby I first saw in NICU or brought home, but a whole little person, with his own personality and let me tell you it’s a cheeky one!  We’ve had two parties, met some new friends, had one birthday and some more photo’s done.  For now, my baby is curled up in front of me asleep, and I won’t be long either!

GEDC00331000291_250095668474986_719399673_n 1381186_250094811808405_1759605560_n 1394791_250095645141655_1214635713_n 2013-10-12 05.43.28 2013-10-12 13.14.27 2013-10-12 17.25.50


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