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Full Time Cloth Bum

on August 19, 2013

And it has been much easier that expected Smile we have 13 of the cloth pocket nappies now and although we could use a few more so we aren’t having to wash every day, it is going okay.  We’ve had a few little leaks, but mainly where the flushable liners have been left poking out and we have had one wet night, but after 3 bottles in the day, and two full sippy beakers of juice it’s no wonder – I should have put an bamboo extra liner in the pocket.  Lesson learned.

We have also found that going back to disposables leaves a rash now… so cloth bum it is Smile

One thing we have noticed now though, whether it is cloth or disposable nappy changes are a NIGHTMARE! We have to fight and tag team him to get it done at times because he just won’t stay still long enough to get one nappy off and the other one on.

2013-08-07 16.03.542013-08-09 22.16.592013-08-11 08.56.47


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