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A day of fun

on August 13, 2013

We have been busy today.  After a quick trip to the doctors we all bundled into the car and off we went to The Deep.  We have a free pass plus where we can visit as often as we like in the year since we went on my birthday so we decided to use it.  It only takes 40 or so minutes to Hull from our house so we were there by dinner.  I have to say, it was BUSY!  But then, its six weeks school holidays.  Having said that, we didn’t have to queue for very long and we were in within a few minutes.  Oliver loved the big fish, but wasn’t so sure at the smaller tanks.

2013-08-13 12.50.312013-08-13 12.50.37

Oliver tried to catch the fishes! lol, after this bit we went under the glass tunnel and up in the bubble lift which seemed to go down very well.  (So did the little teddy from the gift shop).

2013-08-13 12.58.282013-08-13 13.00.48

After The Deep we got in the car to drive home and decided on the way that we would go to Cleethorpes for the afternoon instead.  So Oliver got his first go on a fairground ride (or three) and we had a nice walk along the beech front before we had some tea in a promenade cafe.

2013-08-13 15.27.152013-08-13 15.49.352013-08-13 16.15.56


Oliver really enjoyed the different rides and then the chips at the beech but it wasn’t long before he looked like this:

2013-08-13 17.14.26

We all had a really good day and that was after a really good weekend where me and Oliver went to see my mum and step dad on Saturday and my dad and step mum on Sunday.  While we were there my older sister came to see us as well.  Here is a picture of Oliver with his cousins Bella and Riley Smile

2013-08-11 19.29.40 

Oh and by the way, we’re full time cloth bums now! how cute is this?

2013-08-11 08.56.51


4 responses to “A day of fun

  1. Aww, those are gorgeous photos. I love The Deep too and can’t wait to take Ted again. He enjoyed it last time we went but I’m looking forward to seeing his reaction now he’s bigger.
    The cloth bums look lovely! I’m going to try with the next baby so I may be coming back for tips.

    • kirstyross85 says:

      Oliver was so different this time to last time, he was much more aware x he loved going to Cleethorpes afterwards and going on the rides too. It was a rather inexpensive day as well – around £10 of petrol, £2.99 for a teddy coming out of the deep – we didn’t pay in because we used the Day Pass Plus, and about £20 in Cleethorpes including rides and dinner x

      • That’s ace! We’ve yet to let Ted know the little rides do anything – he’s happy just climbing in & out and it saves us a fortune 😉 cruel mummy!

      • kirstyross85 says:

        not cruel at all, this is the first time Oliver has been on the rides and the Bob the Builder one didn’t work. lol he just wanted to hold the steering wheel 🙂 the other two only cost £1.50 and £0.50. He really enjoyed them once he got used to the initial movement. x

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