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Cloth bum take one :)

on August 8, 2013

There are lots of things I wanted to do when I fell pregnant, some I couldn’t and some I just didn’t.  Cloth nappies were one thing that I just didn’t do.  I know all the benefits, less nappy rash, kinder on the environment, saving up to £400 in 2 years etc etc… but disposables are easy.  So that’s the way we went. 

Recently though, I’ve seen lots of pictures of babies in ‘cloth bums’ and the patterns on them are gorgeous.  It renewed my want to try cloth nappies, so off I went, trawling the internet for information on the different nappy types to try and understand which one would best fit our lifestyle and routine.  In the end I opted to try some pocket nappies.  Then I had to try and work out all the different inserts.  I opted for bamboo as most people seemed to think this had the best absorbency and due to initial outlay I was only ordering three nappies to try at night.  I had to go with what would last Oliver 9-12 hours.  So the order went in on Saturday for 3 Little Bloom pocket nappies.  You can find them on Amazon.  At £5.70 each including 2 bamboo inserts they were some of the cheapest I had seen but I couldn’t find any bad reviews so I decided to give them a try.  I ordered a slightly cheaper package with only one bamboo insert per nappy.  They arrived yesterday.

2013-08-07 16.03.54

Then the questions started.  So many people wash nappies before use to increase absorbency.  So I went and got some natural soap flakes and was all ready for washing them but decided to ask in one of the mummy groups I am in.  One lady told me that at times she has used the nappy straight away and just expected to change it earlier but that she only uses Microfiber inserts at night.  I decided to use two bamboo inserts for the night and just go with it.  I went to Boots and got some flushable liners and also some bed saver mats and when Oliver was getting ready for bed we just went with the flow.

2013-08-07 21.51.57

Doesn’t he look sweet?  There is a bed mat underneath because I was panicking but we had no leaks what so ever and I was over the moon when I changed his bum this morning and the bamboo inserts had sucked all the moisture away from his bum with no sagging involved unlike after a night in a disposable.  So we have some more nappies on the way with 2 bamboo inserts each.  I’m hoping after a few nights we can start to convert to day time use as well Smile


2 responses to “Cloth bum take one :)

  1. I’ve got some proper old-school Terry nappies to try with the next baby! I’m really excited about it. I’d love to get the modern patterned ones too but I’m worried I’ll get all obsessive about different patterns and end up spending more than I was supposed to save 😉
    I’ll be checking back for updates and tips.

  2. kirstyross85 says:

    lol, these ones are extremely cheep for the type and they are brilliant, I ca’t find a bad review and as yet can see why! We haven’t had a leaky bum or the need for extra covers etc – and the bed mats were a waste of money, I am still using the same one. We have 12 nappies now, but I have been told that you need roughly 20-30 nappies if you only want to wash every couple of days, we are currently washing every day but that is nothing new. My dad and step mum are buying us some more nappies for Oliver’s birthday because they wanted to get us something useful since there are so many people buying toys and things. I can’t wait to see what patterns we get x

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