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Is the hardest part over?

on June 23, 2013

I knew going back to work after having Oliver would be hard.  We all dread it don’t we? I never realised quite how hard that would be until it happened.  I haf never planned to go back full time but circumstances meant that I had no choice, so on Monday morning and every other morning this week I have set my alarm for 5.30 am and been at work for 7am. Yes I have a baby and I am generally up early but not that early. I am shattered! And I feel like someone stole my son for a few days and replaced him with the devil child. He wasn’t sleeping or eating during the day and then only sleeping a couple of hours at night so until Thursday we were at our wits end. That was when we decided to go out for some tea. The pub we went to served Oliver a proper baby meal (not many places do them as well as kids meals). He had a full portion and a nice big drink and by 7.30 after just a little bit of a fight he was asleep!
We had tears from me, tears from him and it’s been stressful but we are now getting there. We are currently visiting family for the weekend and have had 2 good nights followed by days where he has eaten. Hopefully this will stick as next week I am working later shifts and am hoping that being there in the morning will help me get his routine back on track.

People have told me that the first week is the hardest, I hope so.


4 responses to “Is the hardest part over?

  1. Going back to work after I had Ted was so hard, and I’m going to have to do it much sooner this time around. It sounds like Oliver’a getting there though and you will too – promise ! (I can’t promise the guilt will go though…)

  2. Nine-week-old babies are still too young for the Ferber Method. This method teaches parents to let infants and toddlers cry for progressively longer periods until they accept a sleeping arrangement. It is not recommended until babies are at least six months of age.

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