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We’re on the Move!!!!!!

on June 18, 2013

We’re on the move and it’s hard work!  Oliver in the past couple of weeks he has going from rolling accidentally and looking surprised to doing it on demand when he wants to get to a toy, ornament or our dog Pepsi.  She is being terrorised.

Last night we had to put the cot mattress down because he tried to escape from the cot!  When we put it on the lower level and put him back in it, he seemed to think it had been turned into a play pen and spent until midnight playing instead of sleeping, not so good when my second day back at work required me to be up again at 5.30am.  What was worse was that he only slept until 4.30am!

2013-06-17 20.57.012013-06-17 20.57.302013-06-17 21.00.352013-06-17 21.00.482013-06-17 21.01.032013-06-17 21.01.382013-06-17 21.02.002013-06-17 21.15.362013-06-17 22.11.112013-06-17 22.12.42

As you can see he didn’t stay in one place for very long and when he did finally fall asleep it wasn’t in the most comfortable place!  We moved him back into a comfier position and covered him over – it only lasted a few hours. 

This morning was horrific going to work, it was just my second day back and he cried as I left, it was much harder than yesterday when he was in bed, and what made it worse was that he was still crying when I called at lunch – I just wanted to come home and cuddle him better.  Now I am home and he’s still crying with a sore tummy and tiredness I feel sorry for Andrew, I know how hard it can be and have tried to comfort Oliver as much possible so Andrew has been able to have a bit of a break.  Tomorrow is pay day so we are going and getting some bits we need after work, so that will break the day up for us all a little.  Hopefully tomorrow will be easier.  Night everyone x


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