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Getting ready for Holidays

on May 28, 2013


So we’re no further on when it comes to Andrew’s job search but we are looking forwards to our holiday.  It’s all inclusive so it is just getting to the point now where we need to pack – the problem is, what the bloomin’ hell do we pack for Oliver?  We’re going for a week but I don’t want to under pack for him.  I know we will need the basics, nappies, milk, bottles, wipes, vests, t-shirts, shorts and swim suits/swim nappies.  We are also taking his travel bassinette, a sheet for it, a couple of thin sheets for bedtime and light pyjamas for him.  Oh and socks.  Can anyone think of anything else I should be taking?

The flight is another matter, 4.5 hours, plus we have to be at the airport 2 hours before for check in so I know we need clean (empty) bottles and juice bottle for in the air port (we have ordered his milk from Boots so we don’t have to start opening and tasting things). Nappies, wipes, nappy sacks, a blanket for in the air in case it gets cold, a change of clothes for Oliver, a spare top for me, a couple of muslin blankets for milk spillages, a changing mat – you don’t know what else has been on that side in the aeroplane loo – and it is only a small folding one.  I have his cuddly toy (small) some dummies, a little phone toy, and know that I will be able to get him a dinner (even if it is only a jar) from Boots so we shouldn’t have any issues there.  I also have a couple of sachets of Calpol and baby Nurofen just in case as well.  Why do I feel like I am forgetting something?

We have much less in our case – underwear for the week, a couple of pairs of shorts each, some swimwear each, 7 tops each and something smart in case we go to a nice restaurant… oh and towels and toiletries are in ours as well as the sun screen.  Why do babies take so much – and yet they don’t get an allowance!  What’s that all about?

Airplane we’re ready (I think) for the sun Sun


6 responses to “Getting ready for Holidays

  1. claire93 says:

    hope Oliver has a passport lol
    other than that – sounds like you’ve thought about everything

  2. creative pixie says:

    I totally put off flying with my youngest until she was almost 2-i couldn’t handle the thought of how much stuff I would’ve needed for her as a baby . have a good holiday.

  3. It isn’t uncomfortable because you only wear it when passing through checks. It only takes a second to take it off when passing through security and they simply don’t care when they see stuff in it in the x-ray. As long as you have no liquids or weapons they’ll let you pass. Around the terminal, I just put the jacket into a strong plastic bag. With Rynair you have to get checked when getting on the flight too, so I just put the jacket on again for that couple of minutes and then take it off and stuff it overhead with my check-in bag.

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