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Lets Get Messy

on April 30, 2013

Okay so now we have hit the six month mark, weaning is well and truly under way.  Rather than a few tastes here and there, we are on three meals a day, and we have started to find our favourites along the way 🙂

Breakfast is always porridge – banana flavoured of course and doesn’t cause all that much mess so normally we feed him in his rocker chair.  It’s always a hit.

2013-04-05 11.08.51

Dinner and tea (or lunch and dinner if you prefer) are a little more, well, a lot more messy.  So as all new mums and dads do, we have an arsenal of things to try to help keep meal times nice and calm.  (Unfortunately if the spoon doesn’t go fast enough, then we get shouted at!)  Talking of spoons – is it sad that I have two favourites?  We have lots of different types of spoons, from Tommee Tippee to Munchkin and as always, our tried and trusted Nuby ones.  The Nuby ones are amazing, they are like little ladles and we find that they are the perfect shape that means that Oliver can’t grab hold of the food/push the food off/generally get sticky fingers 🙂

They come in packs of six and are multi coloured with little shapes on that help make it easier for mum to hold and are long enough to balance the length of those jars if you use them.  The spoons are 4+ months as well and perfect for little mouths.  You can get them from the Nuby Website here and they cost £3.99.  I also like the Tommee Tippee ones because they are nice and soft.  I have managed to get them from the Asda baby event for £2.50 for a pack of two, they are also suitable from 4+ months and come in girls/boys colours rather than a nice mixture.

2013-03-12 12.28.44

This is the Nuby spoon in action!

Bowls are another matter, I have tried all manner of weaning bowls, with and without lids, different shapes and sizes and the best I have found are actually Asda’s picnic bowls priced at just £1 for six!  It just goes to show you don’t need to by baby every thing.

There are some musts though when it comes to weaning.  I have taken to stripping Oliver down to the bare minimum when it comes to feeding, I have had so many stained clothes by trying the baby jars with him.  The best thing I have found are full sleeved bibs.  You can get them from most stores with a baby section and they are perfect for helping prevent stained clothes.  If any get missed we use Tesco’s liquid stain remover in the wash and it seems to be working well.

2013-04-21 09.50.08

This is porridge so the bib doesn’t seem to be necessary.

However, the high chair is brilliant.  It is a Fisher Price high chair – it can be used from New born as it reclines and moved up and down and is all dancing all singing, you can wash down every single bit including the straps too which is brilliant.  We have it set to a height that fits both the table or to have at the sofa if he is feeding at a different time to our meal time.

2013-04-21 09.57.35

This Lamaze toy is fantastic, it keeps Oliver occupied between spoonful’s stopping him from eating too fast as it holds his attention.  It rocks, shakes, rattles and weeble-wobbles back to the upright position no matter how much you pull it.  It has a suction based bottom to stop it being pulled off the high chair, is available in most supermarkets and baby stores and costs around £8. 

Another thing Oliver has had to get used to is a sippy cup.  This is something else we have tried a few different brands of.  The Tommee Tippee tip it up cup can’t be tipped up without leaking from what we have found, and the free flow ones are a nightmare.  We tried the Vital Baby ones because they were smaller and went back to the Nuby ones.  These are the ones he loves 🙂

2013-02-22 11.10.032013-04-12 15.14.322013-04-28 15.59.58

As you can see Oliver has progressed through the Nuby cups, the sippy lids on all of them are soft silicone which means he can do them easily.  They are truly none spill – in fact I accidentally found one upside down in his changing bag that had been there all day without it’s lid.  There was not an ounce juice in the bag!

All of Nuby’s sippy cups can be found on the website and there is a guide to the ages on there too.  You can also now buy the handles to add to any of the Nuby Natural Touch bottles you have which will give your baby a head start on learning to hold the handles for themselves. 


3 responses to “Lets Get Messy

  1. creative pixie says:

    We had the Nuby cups for our girls-I recommend them to everyone as I too think they’re great.

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