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Poorly Baby

on March 27, 2013


Oliver has not been himself for roughly 8 days now, from being sick to dirty nappies I initially assumed it was a tummy bug since they have been going around.  Then over the past couple of days his temperature keeps spiking and we have been having to use baby nurofen and calpol every couple of hours to keep it down, as well as that he woke yesterday morning at 1am screaming.  Now Oliver rarely wakes in the nights – in fact he regularly sleeps from 8pm until 6am so for him to wake at that time screaming was unusual.  It took us 7 hours to calm him down and he still didn’t sleep so I went to Andrew’s nan’s house because I was so tired after taking him to work.  Gina was lovely and told me to go home for a couple of hours to get some sleep and she would watch Oliver.  Two and a half hours later when I went back though, he was just going to sleep and had been the same all morning.  I booked him in the doctors and was appalled to be told that there was nothing wrong with him, I understand that babies get the snuffles but I was ushered out of the doctors surgery before I had even managed to tell him about the screaming in pain.  I wasn’t happy.

So I went back to reception, Oliver still in my arms and told them I wanted to see my own doctor, after being told she was too busy to fit him in, I managed to persuade them to swap my appointment (that was pre-booked for me to get my own tablets etc) into Oliver’s name.  Last night was nearly the same, luckily though, we managed to get him back to sleep between the screaming fits, and were able to get a little sleep ourselves.  He still isn’t right though, he’s snuffly and still unhappy 😦 we tried feeding, nappy changes, cuddles, winding, stripping down and giving medicine all to no avail. Lets hope my doctor gives him a proper look over rather than a cursory glance.


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