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22 weeks old and thinking about work…

on March 18, 2013

I can’t believe how fast it has passed.  I’m loving being at home with my baby boy but at the moment I am trying to work out the best for us money and time wise going back to work.  We can’t afford to put Oliver in nursery full time and I don’t want to do that anyway so at the moment we are looking at me going back part time so that Andrew and I can swap over when he finishes work so that Oliver is always with one of us.  Of course, there may be times when he needs to go to Nanny’s house for an hour if needs be, but he will still be with family.

On top of that I’ve been looking at different mums and tots groups for us to go to, but since I upped our swimming to twice a week we have very little time in our schedule.  The good thing is my mum is a child minder and she has a few under ones starting at the moment so he gets social interaction there as well as at swimming.  I know that he needs to be around children his own age, but I don’t want to be leaving him in the care of a complete stranger and unfortunately my mum is too far away to look after him on a daily basis which in a way makes me home sick 😦

What did you do when you went back to work?  How did you deal with the rising child care costs and how did you decide who to leave them with?  If you didn’t go back to work, how did you make sure you had enough money coming in to support you?  I don’t know how I am going to leave him with Andrew, let alone anyone else.  I mean how could anyone want to leave him…

2013-03-16 15.43.29

In other news, Oliver is getting his first swimming badge this week.  On Friday last week he completed the last action on the swimming instructors list for his first one 🙂 He can now kick on command, splash and join in (when he feels like it), be dunked under and not cry, glide on his back with armbands on without putting his head too far back and lean forwards off the side to come into the water and is quite happy to go to the instructor for him to demonstrate too!  He’s such a little water baby.  We have gotten past the stage of crying when we get out of the water too which makes me feel much better.  No more locking us in a cubicle and hoping that no one thinks I’m murdering him rather than getting him into nice warm, dry clothes…

2013-03-08 13.06.56


We’ve also been planning ahead a little this week.  Since it is my birthday at the end of April, my mum is coming to stay with us for a couple of days which will be good.  We are going to go to the Yorkshire Wildlife park for a day out on the Saturday and on the Thursday before mum is paying for me to have my hair done which is perfect timing since we have the photographer coming on the Sunday to do Oliver’s six month photo shoot!  I’m really looking forwards to seeing the difference between his newborn and six month one.

Next week will see the holiday paid for too which means we can start putting money aside to spend and to get new holiday clothes 🙂 (Not that I need an excuse to buy Oliver clothes but Andrew and I need some too).

Looking back over the past couple of weeks, we have been up at nights with teething pain, not sleeping during the day because of teething pain and at times there is nothing I can do to console him which is horrible.  I hate waiting for medicine to kick in when he needs it because I feel like I’m his mummy and I should be able to help 😦  Most of the days have merged into one and keeping track of them has become harder – now I know why baby brain doesn’t leave you.  It’s the lack of sleep!

2013-03-14 20.09.02

Anyway I am off for now, it’s nearly time for Andrew to go to work and for us to go and see Nanny.


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