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Growing up in a flash!

on March 3, 2013

I really can’t get over how fast Oliver is ‘growing up’.  When people have told me to cherish the little moments I have had with him, because they don’t stay little for long, I didn’t realise how right they truly were.  We have had lots of firsts in the past few weeks and I can’t believe how fast they are stacking up, and we know there are many more to come but by gum, my baby boy is twenty weeks old, in 6 weeks time he will be 6 months old!  Where has the time gone?

I thought I would share some of the firsts that we have had recently:

Oliver went to his first birthday party – it was for his little cousin Rosie and he got to try some party food which he wasn’t sharing.


2013-02-23 14.02.12


He has moved into his first ‘forward facing’ car seat because he is too long for his rearward facing one.


2013-02-26 08.12.20


He has had is first play in a children’s play area and loved it!




He had his first sleepover in his new travel bed at Grandma’s and was comfy cosy.




He has managed to guide his monster spoon to his mouth by himself, for the first, second and many more times since.




He is learning to play, hide, peepo, with his bib by himself.




He is learning to clap hands.


2013-02-20 14.59.50


As you can see, a lot is to do with his motor skills and he is even learning to grab and move things such as the toys on walkers and mummy’s glasses!  He swipes them clean off me if I am not careful!

Some of the things we are looking forwards to at the moment are:


Swimming, we have increased to twice a week for some mummy and Oliver special time and this is our favourite activity.  Oliver is nearly ready to receive his first badge.

Mother’s day – it’s our first one so this will be special.

Easter 🙂 Oliver has a little white chocolate bunny off his nanny to try 🙂

Our six months photo shoot – I am looking forwards to seeing the difference in him.

His first holiday in June 🙂 We are going to Lanzarote with Grandma, Pops, and Uncle Roan.


After that, who knows? At the rate he is going, he is trying to take steps when he can’t even balance, managing a little bit of combat crawling and babbling away like there is no tomorrow and that’s on top of teething and doing well in other areas too.  We have lots to look forwards to but in a way, I am a little sad looking back at all the things he has accomplished – my baby boy will always be my baby boy but he is growing so fast that he has his own personality and I know that soon he will no longer be a baby, but a cheeky little toddler who is running his mummy of her feet and wrapping daddy around his little finger.  I can’t wait for that; I just don’t want to leave this stage behind.  I wonder what changes we will see in the next six weeks taking him to 6 months old on 12th April?  I can’t wait to see!


2 responses to “Growing up in a flash!

  1. Mandy Currie says:

    Oh Kirstyanne, your little Oliver has come a long way. Enjoy every moment. Are you getting any me time, I hope so. How sleeping through the night coming on? You are often in my thoughts. Kind regards Mandy

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