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Starting to Wean properly

on February 26, 2013


Oliver is 5 months old soon and on the advice of our health visitor we have started to wean him properly a little early.  This is simply because his milk isn’t filling him up (and giving him more of it doesn’t work as he just won’t take it).  Her first advice was to move him onto Hungry Baby milk, but as we have had a change in health visitors she didn’t realise that this was something we did when he was just 6 weeks old.  So instead she has advised us of things we can give him before he reaches 6 months that won’t harm his tiny tummy.

Here are some of the things she advised we avoid:

  • anything with Gluten in it.
  • anything with honey in it.
  • wheat, nuts, fish and seafood, eggs and cows milk are all obviously no go areas too.

Here are some of the things that have made this change easier:

  • Our Nuby First Cup is brilliant, because as Oliver is having solids he isn’t needing the milk quite as much so isn’t really getting a drink too.  We use it with baby juice that is aged 4 months plus but we still water it down enough so he is just getting the taste of the juice rather than taking in something that could contain too much sugar for him.  I know it says 4 months, but that doesn’t always mean it is very healthy.  The cup itself has a soft silicone teat that Oliver got used to very quickly and the fact that the teats and handles interchange with the Nuby bottles we already have is brilliant.
  • We quickly found that Oliver had some strong likes and dislikes so any thing with Banana’s in is great, which we know means we can always get him to eat something as when he has been teething the past few days, he hasn’t really wanted to try new flavours.  One thing we have found is the HIPP First Tastes Baby Yoghurts – he loves the banana ones of those too, even though they are a new texture.  Oliver can quite happily finish a pot each time.
  • Sometimes I use the packeted food as it is much easier if we are out and about, and I have found many of them still say 4 months plus on them.  I have checked the back of all the ones I have tried for Oliver and none of them contain anything that he shouldn’t be having.  However, I do like to cook and get the blender out as well.  Oliver hasn’t had meat but he has lots of different vegetables, and being able to store them in the freezer is a must otherwise he will get bored.  We use the Boots Store and Feed pots as you can get these in 1oz as well as 3oz.
  • For bigger batches of puree, I use the Nuby Store and Feed Breast Milk Containers which are ideal.  Of course anything that has been put in the freezer has a date and label on it and I also know that anything in the freezer is better for him as it has no additives or extra salt/sugars.

2013-02-22 11.09.45

Of course, I am not telling you to wean your little one early, only do that at the advice of a professional, all I am doing is showing you some of the things that have made those first tastes a little easier. x


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