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Wow! It’s been a while

on February 4, 2013

since I posted anything, for that I apologise.  My only excuse is that we have been slightly hectic in the past 2 weeks.  To start with, Oliver is still teething so we have had a few bad nights, and on Thursday he has is third lot of injections so mix that with poorly teeth and I’m not looking forwards to Thursday afternoon.386389_4003560412548_938101277_n

Two weeks ago we had my Gran’s funeral, it was a nice service and it went as well as a funeral can be expected to go.  Of course, Oliver stayed with an Aunty and didn’t understand what was going on at Grandma’s (where everyone went back to) afterwards.  All he knew was that he met lots of new family members, including my Aunty who lives in America and my cousin who lives down South.


It was a hard day, and most days still are hard days but Oliver has a lovely smile and is learning something new everyday, so we get up and carry on as normal.

Oliver has had some new experiences!

The first one was last week we went swimming for the first time, well, first two times actually, and we’re all booked in to go again on Wednesday and Friday this week.  We go to the swim a song sessions where all the actions are done to nursery rhymes and if Oliver loves anything it’s singing along 🙂 He was laughing all the way through the Grand Old Duke of York and didn’t even mind when I dunked him under the water when they ‘all fell down’ in Ring-a-Roses.  I love the sessions too.  Of course, you can’t take pictures in the pool due to child protection but we have some from the changing rooms 🙂

2013-02-01 13.06.27

He has also got a new cup from Nuby – it is brilliant, from four months old, and has handles (Oliver has been trying to hold his bottle for weeks so he likes to hold onto the handles) and as well as the sippy cup top that Oliver can already do, it fits his bottle teats as well, which is brilliant as it getting him used to holding his own bottle so he should be fine when it comes to holding his own cup too!

2013-01-19 16.59.51

I’ve not posted anything to do with my stitching recently but here are a couple of quick updates:

2013-01-18 16.57.14

This is Literate Dragon, designed by Randal Spangler and charted by Heaven and Earth Designs

2013-01-21 09.42.27

This is a bookmark that came as a free cover kit on a magazine.

I do have one other project but it is a secret one so I won’t be sharing it until it has been completed and given to the recipient.


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