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Oliver’s Teether Toy Trials – Day Seven

on January 17, 2013

Oliver started teething just over a week ago, and for the past week we have tried a different Nuby teether everyday until we found a couple that we like.  Today we tried the Nuby Icy Bite Keys.

2013-01-17 10.27.37

These Nuby Icy Bite Keys are brilliant. I popped them in the fridge last night so I didn’t forget and this morning the key part of the teethers were lovely and cool. Each key has a different shaped top (there are three) but all the bottom parts of the keys are the same. They have the stay cool gel in them, and different surfaces to help the teething pain. Your baby can even use the ring they are attached to for teething.
Oliver is thirteen weeks and is able to hold on to the ring really well as it is quite large, he is also able to guide the keys to his mouth, although he seems to prefer the purple one, they all work just as well. The tops of the keys also have teething surfaces on them but Oliver isn’t as keen to chew on this part of the key, possibly because he likes the coolness. So far, after a night in the fridge, the keys have stayed cold for over an hour.

2013-01-17 10.34.57

These teether keys are available on the Nuby website and also in some supermarkets and places like Boots, they are currently £3.99 on the Nuby website and really worth the money. Oliver has had a right good chew on his today and that mixed with a little Calgel has really helped his pain.

2013-01-17 10.28.36

We give this one five stars! 🙂



2 responses to “Oliver’s Teether Toy Trials – Day Seven

  1. Ankhs says:

    He has the greatest, happiest smile 🙂

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