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Oliver’s Teether Toy Trials – Day Six

on January 16, 2013

Today we have tried the Flip Flop Teether Book which Oliver really likes.

2013-01-15 13.27.07

This is another of the teether toys we have for Oliver and it seems to do it’s job in that respect. The book is shaped like a horse, is nice and bright with lots of different surfaces to feel and play with.

2013-01-15 13.25.27

The toy itself is quite large (it is as big as Oliver’s tummy) and has a friendly horses face. The legs and tail are made of different materials, two that crinkle when they are scrunched in a baby’s hand and two are silicone that can be used to teeth on. Those two have different surfaces to use rather dependant on what suits baby best at the time. On the outside of the book there is also a plastic ring so you can attach it to a link it toy or toy strap to keep it attached to your pram or car seat.

2013-01-15 13.26.14

The book itself is very Americanised, as has been mentioned in other reviews but on each page you meet a different animal, Katy the Kangaroo, Monty the Monkey, Dicky the Duck, Barry the Bear, Terrance the Turtle, and Okie the Octopus. Each animal is doing something different and each of the two pages are made to rhyme so there are some basic English lessons there, the use of alliteration to help remember names and animals, and the use of rhyme. However, I have to agree the word thru’ on the second page is wrong. It isn’t used in English (UK or USA) and I think it has been done to make the word fit on the line it has been placed on, whereas if it had been moved down a line the full word through would fit.

2013-01-15 13.27.01

The book is currently £5.99 on the Nuby website but can be purchased from Tesco’s and Boots as well. It is worth the money as it is at the end of the day a teether, and as a teether it does it’s job. The six page book is a good size for a new baby, but I won’t be teaching Oliver to spell off the back of the book. 

We give this one three stars:


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