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Teether Toy Trials–Day Four

on January 14, 2013


2013-01-14 11.19.16


Today has been the turn of the Twisty Bugz teether toy and we have had some fun with it.  This one is currently £2.49 on the Nuby Website until the end of the day but after that goes back up to £4.99 which is still a very good price.

Oliver received this teether toy as a Christmas present off his Nana but he is really still a little young for it.  That doesn’t mean we couldn’t give it a go though!  The toy is based around a ball that has 4 spindles coming off it and each one has a ball at the end.  Three are shaped like bugs which have different surfaces that can be chewed on and one is made like a flower (which you can see Oliver looking at above).  They all spin and move which Oliver likes and he can hold it, but the bits to chew on for teething aren’t really small enough for him.  There are many different surfaces though which can be chewed on with different textures which I think is good.  The toy is well made and after some pulling and playing it is clear that it won’t accidentally come apart.

Although this toy is too old for Oliver (it is 6+ months) I will be keeping it around as he likes the colours and movements of the toy.  I can see it being a hit in the future when he has teeth coming through and can fit it into his mouth properly too.  We give this one 5 stars but of course as we can’t use it as a teether we go back to the Gum-eez today.



2 responses to “Teether Toy Trials–Day Four

  1. I loved the Twisty Bugz but Ted loved it too, which means we can’t find it now…

  2. kirstyross85 says:

    It’s a lovely one – enter the competition – you may win a new one, or mention that it is missing to Tamsin. x may be she might send a new one x

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