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Oliver’s Teether Toy Trials

on January 11, 2013


So we have got to the stage where Oliver has started to teeth.  He is now thirteen weeks old and has been dribbling for a while, but the past few days, his cheeks have been going rosy and we’ve had next to no sleep as he has been upset with his gums at night.  So it’s been Calpol to the rescue for the past two nights, only problem is, Oliver doesn’t like the taste of it so he spits it back out.

Nuby very kindly sent our second package out and it was full of teether toys so this week we’re having ‘Teether Trials’ to find out which one we like best 🙂 Today has been the turn of the ‘Bug-a-loop’.  This one wasn’t actually in his pack but he was bought it as a Christmas present off his nana and grandad.

I quite liked this little teether toy, it is currently on sale on the Nuby website for £2.99 (a bargain if you ask me) and I know it is currently on sale in the Boots buy one get one half price on Nuby products.  I’ve also seen it on the shelves in Asda so definitely not hard to track down for your little one.  It is a ring of different soft beads.  Some are shaped like bugs, hence the name, others are normal shape but textured.  Oliver had a chew on all of the different ones and found a favourite texture for his gums very quickly.


2013-01-11 14.00.00


The teether toy is not very big and at only 13 weeks and 13lbs Oliver is able to hold it, even if he can’t guide it quite to his mouth as yet.  So we still have a job for mummy to do.  The guide is for 4+ months but with supervision today Oliver has been fine with this toy.  I think the extra month may just mean that he can hold it to his mouth himself and can fit the teething nubs into his mouth a little easier. 

The toy has very good reviews and is always raved about on the Nuby Facebook page and after today I can see why.  It is nice and bright, soft enough that when a baby bites down with gums it doesn’t hurt but hard enough to give that soothing feeling.  Oliver seems to favour the round red bead but with all the different textures I am certain that dependant on which bit of his gum is hurting at the time they will all have their uses.  One thing I am contemplating doing is using a toy strap to attach it to his car seat so we always have it with us.  Other than the fact it doesn’t have its own loop to attach to prams and car seats I can’t fault this product and for that I am giving it a 4 out of 5 star rating.  Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for day two in the Teether Toy Trials.

Star Star Star Star 

2013-01-11 13.59.152013-01-11 13.59.37


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