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2012–A Year of Mixed Emotions

on January 2, 2013


2012 started out the same as any year for me.  Andrew and I were living in our own house, we had our second wedding anniversary at home and because money was tight didn’t spend a lot of time going out.

In March I found out I was pregnant and by the start of April it was made public on Facebook.  I didn’t have the best pregnancy and had to finish work at 27 weeks due to the cholestasis and other issues I had.  While I was pregnant aunty Brenda became very ill and she had to go into hospital, unfortunately she passed away.  I had been to see her in the hospital and she looked terribly ill, fortunately I have better memories of happier times with her.

On 12 October 2012 I gave birth to my gorgeous baby boy, 4 weeks early.  Oliver William Alexander Ross was born at 3.10am after only an hour and half in labour.  He was that fast that Andrew and my mum (my birthing partners) both missed the delivery.  We spent a week in NICU with Oliver as he wasn’t breathing very well when he was born but he is now happy and healthy, at home with us at 11 weeks old.

We had a lovely Christmas, Oliver’s first.  We spent the majority of the day at home but went to Andrew’s nan and grandad’s for dinner which was really nice.  On the Saturday between Christmas and New Year (29th December) we went to Manchester, I wanted to see Gran cause mum had said she was poorly and Andrew went to the pictures with Ben and Roan.  I never went upstairs to see her, I was too scared that I wouldn’t be able to handle seeing her poorly.  Mum had to call an ambulance while I was there, and after 2 days in hospital on New Year’s Eve my Gran passed away…






As we lay your soul to sleep,
Those weary thoughts no need to keep,
Spread your wings and soar up high,
Through the clouds above the sky.

And when you reach the pearly gates,
Know our love for you awaits.
We hope you smile when you look down,
And tell those there we’ve done you proud.
As we all gather together to say,
We will treasure your memory every day.

Our love for you will never fade,
Though time goes by and changes made,
‘Cause in our hearts you will remain,
Until the time we will meet again


3 responses to “2012–A Year of Mixed Emotions

  1. claire93 says:

    mixed emotions indeed. So sorry to hear that you lost two close family members this year.

  2. kirstyross85 says:

    It’s been that hectic over the past couple of months that I actually forgot to mention that 2012 was the year I passed my degree too! x

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