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Christmas Time

on December 20, 2012


Well Christmas is almost upon us and as always we have been manic trying to see everyone and get everything done in time.  We finally got the tree up last Monday and decorated so now Oliver is fascinated by the lights in the tinsel.  So far, Pepsi hasn’t knocked any of the baubles off either so we are doing well 🙂

2012-12-12 12.21.18

Oliver is coming on leaps and bounds now, he was 10lb 6oz at his last weigh in last Thursday.  We’re not going today but the clinic is on next week so will take him then to see how much he has gained.  He has had a week of firsts though so I thought I would share them with you:

  • He now sticks his tongue out at you in response to you doing it first.
  • He has managed to make his first gurgling sound.
  • He went to see Father Christmas for the first time yesterday (he slept right through the visit).
  • He met his grandad for the first time today.
  • He has properly interacted with a toy, rather than just trying to bash it.

Here is his picture with Father Christmas:

2012-12-19 11.54.42

Here he is with his Nuby Tickle Toes:

2012-12-20 13.07.192012-12-20 13.09.11

The Tickle Toes only came about an hour ago, my neighbour had signed for the parcel and as I was at the door talking Pepsi pinched my toast (she does have dinner down) so I opened the parcel and put the Tickle Toes on Oliver’s chair with him, turned around to make some more toast and when I turned back the Tickle Toes had been lifted and had made its way to Pepsi’s bed!  She seems to be in a cheeky mood today.

I was going to write a blog today about the teether toys that Nuby have sent us to try out, but that will have to wait for another day as I have no photo’s of Oliver with them yet.  So instead it’s Tickle Toes that is a lovely soft plush teddy (or dog in this case) with a button in the left foot.  When you press the button the teddy chuckles and laughs.  The first time I pressed it Oliver gave me such a funny look that I was laughing along with the teddy and within seconds Oliver was laughing with (at?) me!  For less than £5 this teddy is a brilliant price and I know I have already bought one as a gift (which is what made me buy one for Oliver) and will probably buy more!  We also bought a pram toy too, we will be testing this one when we go out as we have attached it to the top of Oliver’s car seat.

We have found that Oliver is starting to get used to certain things now and we have worked out his favourite nursery rhyme is ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’ we sing it while bouncing him on our knee to help with wind but he smiles if you sing it at other times too 🙂  We also know if we sing the ‘I love you’ song from Barney he drifts off to sleep.  What are your little ones favourite rhymes and songs?  Do they have a preference depending on the time of day?

I won’t be posting now until possibly Friday next week so I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Christmas and get what you want 🙂  xxxxx


One response to “Christmas Time

  1. kirstyross85 says:

    I changed my mind and took Oliver to be weighed – 11lb 1oz! can’t believe it x

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