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A First Taste

on December 15, 2012


It has been a busy week for us again this week, we have been for injections and check ups, taken family for hospital checks, and travelled to Manchester for a night while Andrew worked overtime.

Last night Oliver was going mad, he wanted feeding every 3 hours and he was taking 7 ounces at a time.  The only thing with this is, he is already on hungry baby milk and if he continued at that rate, not only was he making his tummy poorly but he would have gone off the centile line – I’m sure.  So, Sarah had brought some of the Hipp Organic 4+ months sachets that she had been sent to try as samples when I registered her email address while I was pregnant.  Perfect timing!  We mixed a tiny bit of the Banana and Peach cereal that she had received with a table spoon of water to make it into a consistency not much thicker than Oliver’s milk and this was the outcome:

As you can see he really enjoyed it, and took a full bottle afterwards meaning we were back to a full nights sleep last night (other than the fact that Sarah, Mum and I were up while Christmas Presents were wrapped) and Oliver hasn’t had any adverse reaction, he wasn’t sick, it didn’t make him constipated, he hasn’t come out in any rash or had a temperature so we have had a few tea spoons again tonight before his night time bottle and he loved it again.  I will be going and getting some more of the packs for definite.

Andrew is at his works Christmas party tonight so I am home alone with Oliver and Pepsi.  When I came home from Manchester I brought Oliver’s Christmas present off his Grandma and Pops (my mum and step dad) which is a Fisher-Price Easy Clean High Chair.  It’s from birth and I decided that I don’t need any help in putting it up.  I was right, with a Phillips screwdriver and the 8 screws it arrived with the 7 pieces of the high chair were together in less than 10 minutes.  Oliver even had his supper in it!

2012-12-15 19.21.372012-12-15 20.20.56

The high chair is from birth, every thing is wipe down (including the harness) and the seat reclines for new born support as well as being able to raise the seat through 4 different heights.  I currently have it on the lowest as this is just right to feed Oliver whilst sat on the sofa.  With it being a Christmas present I am not sure of the price but from what I have seen so far it is worth it!  The straps are adjustable and can be moved up as well so the high chair will last Oliver for quite some time.


One response to “A First Taste

  1. Mandy Currie says:

    Oh Kirstyanne, your little Oliver is so precious. I’m glad you found such a simple solution to the feeding problem. Oh I do hope you’re all happy, he’s gorgeous. Love Mandy

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