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Sleepless Nights (and Days)

on December 10, 2012


In the past you will have heard me brag that Oliver sleeps through the night as long as he is dream fed at 2 times.  Now though we are coming out of our lovely routine and wanting feeding every couple of hours at night – but he isn’t taking a full bottle each time.  It doesn’t help that he (and I) has a cold so sucking on a bottle isn’t always easy as he can’t breathe through his nose and he is getting out of breath really quickly.

Poor thing has a nappy rash, sore cheeks, a snuffly nose and has a climbing temperature every now and again and it’s horrid not being able to do any thing for them.  So the other day I gave him a half dose of Calpol and put a bit of teething gel on his gums.  He calmed down almost instantly so I don’t know whether he is teething too.  The health visitor says babies can teeth for months before anything actually comes through and could be the reason he has rosy cheeks and a nappy rash.  Bless him.  The doctor gave him a cream for thrush without checking his bum but the health visitor gave him some Metonium cream which is brilliant and helping to clear the rash really well.  As any of you will know, when you’re poorly you feel ten times worse at night.  So we’ve been using a saline nasal spray and even sitting him in the bathroom while I have a shower and the steam does help a little but his routine is out of the window.  I’ve made the decision today to switch to hungry baby milk just for the three night time feeds (9pm, 1am, 5am) in the hope that it will satisfy him a little longer instead of feeding at 9pm, 11pm, 1am, 3am and 7am and screaming in between.

Fingers crossed this will help.  With regards everything else Oliver is doing well, he is no longer struggling with his wind as much thanks to using Dentinox in every feed and Gripe water as he needs it (which isn’t often anymore).  He is gaining weight well and come back up to the right side of his centile line on his graph.  He now weighs 9lb 12oz and is 57cm long, he has gained 1lb 15oz in the space of 2 weeks.

Oliver is also becoming much more alert now, especially in the mornings where he is happy to stay awake for a good few hours.  His daytime naps are getting much shorter and he is starting to play with the toys in his play gym.       



As you can see he likes this one, and the bar comes off and attaches to his car seat too!  Brilliant buy for £14 from Asda.  One thing he doesn’t seem to have the hang of yet is teething rings.  He has a few of the links and other types and he doesn’t seem to like holding them, having said that, he is getting very adept at pushing his dummy back into his mouth if it starts to slide out. 

We also have two favourite books and a favourite nursery rhyme already.  The books are ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and ‘Knight Time’ and the nursery rhyme is ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’.  All of these seem to get a lovely smile as a reaction and on Saturday night I called him ‘my snuggle bug’ (he gets as snug as a bug in a rug) and I got a giggle!  Granted I haven’t had once since but it was gorgeous!!!!


I have also finished his Pirate Dragon from Heaven and Earth Designs.  I started him on 27th September and finished him on 9th December and he has a stitch count of 4050 stitches and around 50 colours.  I have a frame and mount for it but first I have to stitch his name onto a separate piece of fabric as I want to turn it into his name plate for his bedroom door.  This is what it looks like:


I have since made a start on Heaven and Earth Designs QS Curl Up with a good book which was done for last years stitch along piece.  I’m stitching it on 25 count magic guide DMC even weave fabric using the cross country method where you stitch all of one colour before moving onto the next.  I have started off with Black (DMC 310) as it has one of the largest stitch counts of all the colours in the chart.  This is my start (there is very little there but I am hoping to have it finished next year):


I will also be taking part in a Stitch a Long with the Heaven and Earth Designs Bulletin Board next year.  We will receive the first page of the chart on 4th of January and there was a choice of 6 charts.  I chose QS Literate Dragon (can you see the theme here?) and for every half page of the chart stitched you can pick another chart to receive at the end of the stitch a long.  I don’t know if I will complete the chart in the allotted time but I am hoping to at least finish a page as there are 2 other charts that I really want.


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