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What a Busy Week!

on December 2, 2012

Well, we’ve had a very busy week.  That busy that I can’t remember much of Monday and Tuesday!  (I spent most of those days cleaning and getting ready for Christmas).  On Wednesday I went over to Manchester over night, Oliver has been struggling with wind over the weekend again and poor Andrew needed a good nights sleep so he wasn’t sleeping at his desk at work!  So we packed a little over night bag and Oliver and I went to stay with my mum for the night.  Even while we were there we had a busy day.  My mum is a child minder and she is none stop!

Once mum had finished work she looked after Oliver for a couple of hours so me and my little sister could go and see the final Twilight film.  It was worth the wait and the watch, I had heard there was going to be a twist in the film and I love that they manage to add a twist while still staying true to the book.  (No I won’t say what the twist was – go and watch it!)

When I got back I had tea, Oliver seemingly hadn’t even missed me so I had a snuggle and then went for a (much needed) bath so I wasn’t subjected to I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.  Once done, Oliver had had his last night bottle before bed so we went up.  We both got a decent nights sleep, he slept through his 4.30am feed so he had a dream feed and we got up at 6am.  On Thursday mum did some sensory activities with the children she looks after and Oliver joined in, playing with crackly noisy foil sheets and doing his hand print in paint!  He was that tired that he missed all but two ounces of his dinner time feed and was late having his tea time one!  I fed him when I got to Andrew’s works at 5.15pm and we went and got something for our tea.

Friday was spent doing the Christmas shopping, we dropped Andrew off at work, went and got a load of stuff from Asda then went to see Andrew’s mum for an hour before going back out to Sports Direct because Andrew wanted some new T-shirts and a new jumper, then I realised that we had been out quite a while and probably wouldn’t get home in time to prepare the next feed so I went into Boots, got one of the Nuby Stage 2 Gift sets that comes with a 9oz bottle and chic soother as well as a couple of cartons of Aptimil and fed him there in the car.  He took a full 7oz!  No wonder he’s gaining so much weight, he’s definitely going through a growth spurt!  After there we went to Lakeside to get the last present (I knew what I was getting I just had to get it) and we also popped in to see some of Andrew’s old work friends and let them meet Oliver before going to collect Andrew from work. 

Yesterday was brilliant as we had visitors!  My best friend came across with her little girl who is nearly one!  It was so nice to see them, they live it Norfolk so it can be difficult managing to meet up.  After they had gone we went to Sports Direct again as Andrew wanted to have a look around, this time I got me some things, a new pair of trainers and a jacket, as well as a pair of 3/4 joggers for in the house.  By the time we got home and had some tea it was time for another bath and daddy had some bonding time while he fed Oliver then we went for an early night.  It was a good job as today is going to be another busy one, we are going shopping in Meadowhall – the only things left to shop for apart from stocking fillers.  We have the tree out ready to go up tonight once we get back and while we’re there Andrew is going to see the new James Bond film with his friend and Oliver and I are going to meet Father Christmas for the first time.  I can’t wait!

Are you all ready for Christmas?  We have all the gifts, I just have to finish wrapping them and I’ve even managed to keep Andrew’s gift off me a secret as well as what Oliver has got him.  I’ll put a quick update on later on today when the tree is up and decorated and when we have Oliver’s picture with Father Christmas to share too.

I do have one picture to share.  Oliver’s pirate dragon from Heaven and Earth is nearly finished – I have less than 50 stitches to do so have been trying to get a couple in each day, I’m really hoping to have it finished by Christmas so today I will be getting a nice 6×4 frame and some nice blue card to mount it with.  Here is how it looks at the moment:



2 responses to “What a Busy Week!

  1. hi there,
    thanks for your comment on my blog, i clicked on it to send a reply and it vanished. when opeie was 8 weeks old we just always bathed with him and kept a warm wet towel around him. it wasnt until he was 16 months old that he started hating the bath again but it seems hes finally started to come around now, fingers crossed. hope your enjoying your weekend and thanks for reading xxx

    • kirstyross85 says:

      Thanks for that, have tried bathing with him but he clings on for dear life – will have to try the towel and see if that helps. It’s strange as hubby and I both love water but he seems to hate it! Will give the towel a go and see if it works tomorrow, fingers crossed x (and fingers crossed that your little one isn’t just having a one off and the balls help him back into enjoying his baths again x)

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