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What is the one thing you can’t live without?

on November 23, 2012

If you had asked me that yesterday I would have said sleep (along with many other new parents) as we have just had 2 unsettled nights where Oliver was struggling with his wind.  The poor thing was really struggling to get rid of it and so he kept us both up for two nights.  I didn’t know what to try but someone recommended Colief, at £12 a bottle I was sceptical but I paid it and started using it straight away.  The bottle is tiny and I think will last about a week as you only use 4 drops in each feed but after Oliver’s last feed yesterday evening at 9.30, we managed to get loads of his wind up and he slept until 6am this morning, had his bottle at 7am, brought his wind up and is still sleeping as I write this at 9:40am.  I’ve had time to sterilise all the bottles that I didn’t have time to wash and sterilise yesterday and the day before and had time to do some tidying.  The man has come to fix our door (finally) so until has gone I’m not doing any more cleaning.  I’m going to chill out and do some stitching.  Then once he has gone I will be doing at least 2 loads of washing, hoovering and washing up.  And if Oliver is still doing well by the end of the day when we have picked Andrew up from work I may even get to wrap up some Christmas pressies tonight.  (I know it could all change in a minute and he could be bad again but he does seem to be back to his pleasant self today).

There are a couple of other things that we think have helped with Oliver’s wind, we have switched to the medium flow teats so he has less work to do to take a feed which means he isn’t taking in as much wind.  We have also started using the Nuby Silicone first stage bottles which are made of silicone and are slightly squeezy which means you can help control the flow of milk for your baby.  I’m not sure how long we will get out of them as Oliver has now moved to taking the full 5 ounces at just 6 weeks old, it is a shame that the next size bottle isn’t made out of the same material otherwise I would get them for the next stage two. 

We’ve had some ‘firsts’ this week too! (Apart from the first sleepless nights).  Oliver has a Fisher Price swing and it has a dangling kitty rattle on one side and a dangling puppy rattle on the other.  He noticed them on Monday and by yesterday (with the most serious look of concentration I have ever seen on a baby) he has managed to work out how to reach them to ‘bash’ them and get them moving and making noises.  He’s done it more than once as well so it wasn’t just an accident while he was swinging his arms about. 🙂


The other first we had was yesterday too, he likes to listen to nursery rhymes.  Well to try and help him with his wind yesterday we were doing all sorts and I was bouncing him up and down to them – I eventually run out of rhymes and animals for Old Mac Donald and went on to ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ and while I was singing the ‘knees and toes’ part he chuckled.  It was a lovely chuckle, the only thing is I haven’t been able to get him to do it since 😦 Just my luck, although I’ve had some lovely kisses this morning which more than made up for the 2 bad days we have had. 🙂

We’ve had a bit of a busy week too.  On Monday we went to see Grandma and Pops, we sorted out some Christmas pressies and was still home in time to pick daddy up from work.  Tuesday we stayed in during the day because a photographer came around to do Oliver’s newborn photo shoot.  The pictures are gorgeous and I can’t wait for the next one!


Mummy even tried to take her own little photo on Tuesday morning, it came out like this which I think is quite good for a point and shoot;


I’m off for now, have a good weekend and I will be back soon! x


2 responses to “What is the one thing you can’t live without?

  1. This post made me feel really wistful! I remember so well how proud I was when Ted started batting the little frog on his baby gym. I miss my tiny boy now he’s a huge toddler! Your photos are gorgeous too. What a beautiful little guy.

    • kirstyross85 says:

      In a way I can’t wait for him to be doing more stuff, but I want to see it all as he progresses as well rather than wishing his baby years away. It’s funny though, I’m already planning his bedroom décor for when he moves into the bigger bedroom. x

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