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5 weeks 2 days little

on November 18, 2012


And Oliver is doing really well.  We are on 4 hourly feeds of 4 oz. so the storage jars are no longer big enough for a feed for him 🙂 we are now on the stage one silicone bottles from Nuby ( which are designed to help with milk flow.  We’ve also moved onto the medium flow teats and combined it seems to be helping with his wind.


Oliver was weighed on Wednesday last week too, he now weighs 7lb 1oz so has gained half a pound in 2 weeks so the health visitor was pleased with him too.

I have finished the cross stitch for his bedroom now so am back to the Heaven and Earth Designs Pirate Dragon.  Here are pictures:




One response to “5 weeks 2 days little

  1. Mandy Currie says:

    Kirstyanne, your little Oliver is so precious, I’m glad you’ve helped the wind problem, that can be so painful for them. Bless you my friend, have you been for your own check-ups yet? I do hope everything is going well. Love Mandy xx

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