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A Busy Weekend to Recover From

on November 12, 2012

It really was!  The door was being fixed on Saturday morning so our planned trip to Manchester was postponed from Friday evening to Saturday lunch time.  It was our first ‘family’ outing and Oh My God, because we have all of Oliver’s stuff at home I never realised how much stuff he needs just for 2 days!  I think we may have even packed the kitchen sink for him.  Oliver’s things for 2 days consisted of:

  • 5 outfits (2 changes per day and a spare)
  • travel steriliser & cold water tablets
  • 4 bottles/teats/lids/screw tops
  • 2 dummies
  • 5 bibs
  • 2 muslin cloths
  • dentinox for his colic
  • infacol for his hiccups
  • dalivit (his multi-vitamins)
  • a pack of nappies (we use roughly 8-10 a day)
  • wet wipes/nappy sacks
  • a travel changing mat
  • a blanket over him as we went and one for in the travel cot that my mum has
  • a couple of bright teething rings and rattle
  • pram/car seat

In contrast Andrew and I took one change of clothes, pyjamas and phone charger.  Even Pepsi (our dog) only took her food and water bowls and bed. 

Anyway, we bundled everything and everyone into the car and set off.  Pepsi and Oliver both went straight to sleep, as both had just been fed and I don’t think Andrew was far behind.


We got there in okay time after the road works, dropped Pepsi off at my Nana’s (Oliver got some more pennies for his bank account) and made our way across to my Mum’s who was putting on a buffet for anyone who wanted to come over.  By the time 3.30 had arrived the house was full!  This is who came to see Oliver during his first trip to Manchester:

  • Mum
  • Dave
  • Roan
  • Ben
  • Sarah
  • Ryan
  • Gran
  • Ann
  • Pete
  • Dad
  • Lynn
  • Nana
  • Grandad
  • Heather
  • Steve
  • Abeni-Mai
  • Olivia
  • Jane
  • Andy
  • Layla

So as you can see Oliver was the star attraction while he was there and of course everyone wanted a cuddle and kiss from him.  It really tired him out and by the time the last person had gone, we had some tea, Oliver had some supper and got in his pyjamas it was 9pm.  Believe it or not, he slept until 7.30am on Sunday morning – he must have been shattered!  (Mummy and Daddy were too!)


Luckily Sunday wasn’t as busy as Saturday and we managed to get home for roughly 8.15pm and managed to have an early night. 

We have been for more visiting today and will be doing some more tonight.  I dropped Andrew off at work this morning and we went to see his Nanny and Grandad and when we pick Andrew up from work tonight we will be going to see his mum and his brother who has come over for the night so we might get more back to normal in the next couple of days.


Oliver and Layla


Oliver is ready to come home.


Oliver stocking up with energy today 🙂


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