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on November 6, 2012

By the doctors!  Oliver and I went yesterday to get some bits sorted, contraception for me and vitamins for Oliver, I was only supposed to be making an appointment for me, nothing more.  Instead, I was in 15 minutes with the doctor and had to see the nurse for a Bile Acid check, LFT’s, a full blood count, blood glucose, thyroxin levels and a flu jab.  I’m going back in tomorrow to have the implant refitted and I have to have the MMR at the same time… I feel like a pin cushion again.  It’s all worth it though, as the doctor is looking at giving me something to help with my milk supply but I have to have normal liver levels to be able to take it.

I took Oliver to see Andrew’s nan and grandad yesterday too.  I can’t remember what else we did, I know we had a busy day but we didn’t get much sleep last night after getting a full night the night before.  (I was expecting not to).  So today, Oliver is over tired, mummy is over tired, even Pepsi is sleeping on the sofa since Oliver had his nap time story.  But mummy has to express then we’re going to the bank to open Oliver’s first bank account, hopefully we’ll fit it in before next feeding time.  And when we’ve come back and that feed is sorted mummy has to express again.  I’m starting to feel like a milk machine and nothing more…  Hopefully I’ll get an hour to wash the pots and tidy up then before Oliver’s next feed before we go get daddy from work and have tea.  Then I’ll be – yep you guessed it – expressing again and hopefully I can have a nice warm bath tonight while daddy does the evening feed. 

Exciting news, we’re going on holiday next June to Lanzarote with my mum, step dad and younger brother.  Can’t wait to take Oliver on his first holiday 🙂

I hope everyone is well, I’m off for now x


2 responses to “Ambushed

  1. That is an ambush! Yikes. But best to get it doen without worrying about havng blood taken in advance!xx

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