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Halos and Horns

on November 1, 2012


Apologies in advance, I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, we’ve been a little busy. 🙂

Grandma, Pops, Aunty Sarah and Uncle Roan all came to visit on Monday afternoon so while Sarah helped me sort out the masses of clothes that Oliver has, Pops looked after him and Grandma helped with some cleaning.


Tuesday was spent at the hospital having blood tests done to see if Oliver’s Vitamin D levels have increased, they phoned to say his calcium ones have but the others take a couple of days to come back from the labs so we are waiting on a phone call to say one way or another.  Poor Oliver cried his heart out when the took the blood and I felt so helpless 😦 I wasn’t even allowed to pick him up and cuddle him while the doctor did it. 😦  They did weigh him though and my clever little man is now 6lb 8oz!  After the needles we went to see the staff in the antenatal assessment unit that looked after us before we became a we.  Oliver wasn’t happy for the rest of the day, in fact, he had a day where I couldn’t put him down for him crying which isn’t like him at all.

Yesterday, Oliver decided that just before taking Daddy to work was the best time for an exploding nappy! he he! It was the first of its kind that Daddy has had to deal with and he wasn’t happy in the slightest, it left him feeling sick for the rest of the day! So yesterday he was dubbed daddy’s little monster.  The midwife came to visit yesterday too, and Oliver was a little angel for mummy as she was so happy with him he was discharged at just 19 days old!  Not bad going after a spell in the neonatal unit too.

Today we have had visitors, Kirsty, Shaun and Jamie have popped in on their way  home from their holiday in Derbyshire to see Oliver as well! so this week has been very busy.


2 responses to “Halos and Horns

  1. K. Marie says:

    Oh I feel so bad about the needles. They tried to take something out of my daughter, I can’t even remember what it was but it was from her arteries, and she was only 3 at the time. That poor baby. The lady told us to hold her still but she wouldn’t hurry up and do what she needed to do so they kept poking her over and over. Bug cried to me and said she would be good just don’t let her do it again. That broke my heart. 😦

    I hope that everything comes back and your baby is fine. 🙂

  2. kirstyross85 says:

    The needles were horrid, I’m not looking forward to his immunisations 😦 sure all will be fine it was just a vitamin D x

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