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Pump in Style…

on October 29, 2012


We received our first package off Nuby on Saturday 27th October and within was a new electric breast pump.  We were lucky enough to receive a Nuby Breast Touch Rhythm Electric Breast Pump and steriliser set.  It’s amazing, there are no two ways about it. 


In the hospital I was using the hospital’s electric Medela pump, which on the whole was very good, however, it isn’t feasible to purchase one of these to use at home.  Instead when we first came home we were using a Tesco’s own manual breast pump and then went to buy one of the Nuby Natural Breast Pump from Boots after some research about different brands.  We were torn between this one and the Medela Mini but when we got to Boots the Nuby one wasn’t available so we bought the Medela Mini instead as I wasn’t able to express a lot with just the manual one and wanted to make sure I went home with one that day.  In a way now I wish I hadn’t.

The Medela is loud (so loud that you can’t hear the television over the sound of it), painful when used for any length of time and has caused cracked nipples to the point where I have cut down expressing to less than three times a day some days as it is too painful so instead I have been expressing just enough to combination feed, so Oliver has been getting 10ml of breast milk mixed with ready made formula, that way he still gets some breast milk to boost his immune system and line his tummy to prevent him getting the runs too.

When I opened the box of Nuby goodies the first thing I wanted to try was the breast pump and I was so socked at how different it is to the Medela one.  It is much quieter, the television is audible over it easily.  But that wasn’t the winner for me, I can do without hearing the music channel for a few hours a day, what does make it more appealing is that it is comfortable and easy to use!  I had used the Medela one this morning before the postman arrived, but have since used the Nuby one twice in the day.  It has been much easier to use, the fact that you can use it with batteries instead of the mains if you want means that it is portable (it runs on 4 x AA’s) and you can move about with it.  The cup is flexible which means that the seal isn’t broken by the slightest movement of your breast or other parts of your body, so you don’t have to sit rigidly in one position for the entire time you are pumping.  You can also programme the pump to use a certain amount of suction throughout the time you are expressing helping make it easier for you to do one handed.


We also got some of the Store N’ Feed Storage pots as well which fit the teats off the Nuby Natural Range Bottles.  These are great as they are 90mls and Oliver takes 55-60mls a feed so they are a perfect size for not only storing the milk but for him to have his feed from as well.

I really wish the Nuby pump had been in stock when I went to Boots as I feel like I have wasted £70 on the Medela pump in a way.  Don’t get me wrong, it will come in as a spare pump, but it definitely won’t be my first option any longer!


2 responses to “Pump in Style…

  1. Pauly says:

    congratulations on becoming a Nuby blogger too. Look forward to reading your posts.

  2. kirstyross85 says:

    you too Pauly, your photographs on your blog are brilliant x

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