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A Week On Our Own

on October 27, 2012


We’ve just got to the end of our first full week home and no one got hurt! Although we did get locked in the house on Thursday but that’s another story.  We’ve had 2 midwife visits and a health visitor has been out too this week as well as going to register Oliver on Wednesday.

Oliver is doing well, he’s back up to 6lb 6oz so only a pound off his original birth weight which the midwife is happy with.  Everyone who has been out to us has commented on how settled he is.  Take now, for instance, not only am I typing this but I have him in my other arm taking a bottle and he’s fine.

I’ve found that I’m getting into a better pattern with feeding/expressing now and normally express after his feeds throughout the day to keep my supply up.  Oliver has also had a go at latching on too so I’m hoping that a friend who is visiting tomorrow can give us some tips as she is a breast feeding support person (I’m not sure of the proper title).  It would make things a lot easier if we can get him on the breast as at the moment I’m doing double the work which is tiring to say the least.

Oliver is currently starting to drop a bit of his night time feed, it seems to be getting later each night and he isn’t taking his full 55ml so I don’t think it will be that long before it’s gone altogether and we can up his day time feeds a little more.

This is what Oliver thought of waking up for his 7am feed this morning:


During the week I’ve had a little bit of time for stitching and have managed to get roughly 200 stitches into the Pirate Dragon free chart, this is what it looks like now:


Hope everyone is well and you’ve all had a good week x


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