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No Longer an Alien

on October 24, 2012

Legal or otherwise!  We have been to register Oliver today at the local registry office.  So at 12 days old Oliver is now all official!

We got a full birth certificate as well as the free short one as we want to be able to open him a small savings account to start putting his money into.  After looking around on Money Supermarket we have decided to go with Barclays for ease if nothing else.  I found that it is easy to fill in the form online and print it off ready to take into branch now we have his birth certificate.  We will also be looking to open a Junior ISA for him as well and once a year will transfer out of his savings account into it to make sure he gets the best rates possible.  The Junior ISA has replaced the Child Trust Fund, although the child no longer gets a voucher off the government to open it, you can open them from £1 and also transfer money in as and when you want.  The only stipulation is that the funds in the account cannot be accessed until the child is 18 which means that Oliver should get a nice little nest egg when he turns 18.  Grandparents, Parents, Aunties and Uncles can all pay into the account up to a maximum of £3600 per year.  I don’t think we will be ever paying that much in but we will try and put a little bit in every year.

I have managed a little bit of stitching time this week so here is an update of the Pirate Dragon by Lisa Victoria/Heaven and Earth Designs.  I think I have managed to get 80-100 stitches into the project in total.  His hat is nearly finished so will be working on the telescope next I think.



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