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A Busy Weekend

on October 22, 2012

Doesn’t cover it.  With it being our first weekend home we haven’t really stopped.  We got up on Saturday, I dropped Andrew off at work for 8.30am (he started at 9am), went to Tesco’s to have some pictures printed off.  While I was waiting I had a coffee as I selected the one hour service and lots of people were asking about Oliver as he was with me in the pram. 

Once I had finished there I came home, put a wash on, folded the clothes out of the drier, washed the pots, expressed some milk, fed Oliver for his lunch time feed, tidied around and then fed him again for his 2pm feed before getting him ready to take out with me to get Andrew from work as he finished at 3pm.  After that we had my mum, Dave and Roan over.  They brought Oliver’s cot which is a gorgeous Winnie the Pooh one and the bedding and curtains so Dave and Andrew put that up while we were downstairs.  I couldn’t get mum to sit still, she wanted to help so cleaned my kitchen and bathroom while I went to get tea.  By the time they left at 8.30pm Oliver took a full 90 ml which is nearly double the amount that he normally takes and slept until 2.30am!  A full six hours!  Andrew and I had an early night and managed to catch up on a little sleep.

Sunday morning we didn’t get up until 9am – although we did get up for Oliver’s feeds of course.  We nipped out to the shops to get a few bits that we needed, then went to Andrew’s Nanny’s house where his Aunty Paula was waiting to meet Oliver and his Aunty Trina came with Laura who has just come home from 3 months in Greece.  When we got home, my dad and Lynn, Nana and Grandad and brother James were waiting for us.  So Oliver had another day of seeing people and being busy.  I didn’t get chance to express any milk yesterday 😦 but as we mix Oliver’s milk with Aptimil as advised by the hospital before we left I had enough to make up the feeds for yesterday and this morning and have expressed this morning to get enough to do another 9 bottles for him.

I found the time to have a bath last night too, and was joined by Oliver who did a lot less screaming than when he was bathed in the hospital which was good.  Hopefully we can get him used to water as we want to take him swimming too.

Am off for now, feeding my dinky bum and waiting on the midwife for his weight check.


2 responses to “A Busy Weekend

  1. Mandy Currie says:

    Oh Kirstyanne, this is all so exciting. I would love to visit and see little Oliver. What a made weekend you had. I do hope you are getting enough rest for yourself, it’s no good if you land up poorly. I’m sure everyone was very happy to meet the new addition to the family. You must have loads of photos now. I’m am making a cross stitch card, and you kind of took me by surprise so I’m afraid it will be a little late but you’ll at least have it to put in an album. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.
    Love Mandy xx

    • kirstyross85 says:

      That’s so thoughtful of you Mandy. All of Oliver’s cards are being kept to go in his memory box. Don’t worry about being taken by surprise – we were too as we never got to see the consultant to get a date for induction, it was all the medical complications that meant I went for a normal ctg monitoring appointment and came home 7 days later with my gorgeous baby boy.
      Everyone loved meeting Oliver this weekend and we’re also booked up through the week and into next weekend too with appointments and people coming to see him. Im sure things will calm down soon though and we are starting to get into a good routine with him x

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