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I’m 3 Days Big!

on October 15, 2012


Now it’s passed 3.10 am on 15th October I have been here for 3 days!  And yesterday was a big day for me!

At dinner time I went into my big boy cot, I had my UV lamp turned off and mummy was allowed to get me dressed.  After a couple of hours of holding my own and keeping my temperature nice and steady my nurse Alison turned off the last of the machines I was attached to that kept track of my heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels.  The only thing left was the ng tube that I had for my feeding top ups. 


Although I was doing well with all the machines, feeding time has been a bit of a struggle for me and mummy.  She wants to breast feed but because I was whisked away before we could try on my birthday and had the feeding tube I don’t quite know what to do.  Things began to get a little bit stressful for both of us and now mummy and daddy have decided that I can have my feeds in a bottle and mummy will express the milk so I still get all the good stuff from her.


At tea time I was moved into the big boy nursery!  My doctor says I’ve been promoted!  I don’t have to have any more antibiotics so my cannula and feeding tube have been taken out and it is just me under my baby grow now!  And the best thing is mummy and daddy can now both have cuddles when they want without having to wait for my care time.  In fact, mummy and daddy have taken over most of my cares – well mummy has anyway and daddy is having a go while he is here.


Tonight mummy gave me two bottles, I drank them both but I like to go to sleep on mummy so it has taken me an hour to drink the 30 mls that mummy is expressing and I’m not getting around to my top up milk.  So one of the nurses gave me my last feed, she was a bit rougher than mummy likes to be but I drank mummy’s 30mls and the 20mls top up in ten minutes so I could go back to sleep in my cot.  Now all I have to do is help mummy and be a good boy and we can work towards going home!



4 responses to “I’m 3 Days Big!

  1. Anneliese says:

    So pleased Oliver is doing well. Hang in there with the feeding, I found it stressful getting all mine feeding to start with, in fact only my number 5 took to it with no problems. You are doing so well and he’s getting your milk so a great start 🙂

  2. jean says:

    he is adorable, and sounds like he is on the right track! prayers& good thoughts for you and your family.

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