My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Day 2

on October 14, 2012


We’ve been busy overnight!  When all the visitors left yesterday, Oliver was still on hourly tube feeds and I hadn’t even tried to start expressing any breast milk.  So at 6pm Oliver had his antibiotics, everybody went home apart from Andrew and I sat down with the pump to get started.  It isn’t easy going, I’m not getting much but I have been expressing every three hours and I am now getting around 15ml at each one.  Oliver on the other hand has gone from one hourly to two hourly feeds in the evening and up to three hourly feeds overnight.  So this morning when I went to change his bum they were waiting for me to try him with breast milk directly from the breast.  Well, it seems that Andrew and I have a lazy son, he doesn’t like his dummy because after 2 sucks on that he gives up and this morning we tried all sorts to get him to take from the breast but he created until he fell asleep and when he woke up he created until he got a full feed from his tube…  Never mind, we will try again at dinner time.  The nurses are happy to leave him now until he is actually rooting to try and get him to suckle better and hopefully if he is hungry rather than fed by the clock he will try a bit harder x

This is what he did after the tube feed this morning – went straight back to sleep!  But at least I got some lovely snuggles x


And this is a picture of Daddy’s first cuddle from about an hour after Oliver was born.



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