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A Speedy Delivery

on October 12, 2012


Well, I really wasn’t expecting a delivery like that! In fact, I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t that.  I was kept in for an induction on Wednesday when there were more issues with the monitoring and baby’s movements while I was on the anti-natal assessment unit, moved up to the anti natal ward and then given a crash course in how an induction works.

I was moved on to a bed on the delivery suite at around 1.30pm yesterday (Thursday) with a view to start my labour off for me.  I had one pessary at that point after a 1/2 hour of monitoring and then I was left to it.  I had some cramping but was told that it was normal and was nothing to worry about.  The cramps died off in the bath so at 1am Andrew went home after speaking to a midwife who assured him that nothing would happen until this morning as they weren’t going to do anything due to the amount of people already in active labour and even though they could reach to break my waters they weren’t going to due to the danger of baby moving his head out of the way of the cervix as they were concerned that this could cause the cord to deliver first and cut off his oxygen supply.

At 1.30am I was poorly and sick.  Being sick started off full blown contractions which caused my waters to burst (all 7,25 litres apparently). Within 10 minutes I was in the third set of clean clothes I had worn in the space of an hour and then I was cleaning up in the bathroom before being taken into a delivery room.  I called Andrew to come back in but he wasn’t answering his phone as he was still on his way home!  I also called my mum to tell her to come over from Manchester as well.  It was no use trying to wait, the contractions were coming that thick and fast that I was given gas and air (which I ran out of in the first room but was pumped directly into the delivery suite) and told to push.  It took me a while to get the hang of pushing in the right place but it wasn’t long before the midwife shouted that baby’s head was out!   At 3.10am, just 1 hour and 40 minutes after I went into labour, Oliver William Alexander Ross was born. 

The cord was wrapped around his neck and due to that it took a few seconds before I got skin to skin contact but he was breathing by himself and weighed 6lb 7ozs which considering he was born at 36 weeks and one day is a lovely weight.  He measures in at 53 cm and was placed on my tummy in a nice warm towel for a cuddle for a couple of hours while they stitched me up.  I had a second degree tear that went quite far back and needed a doctor rather than a midwife to do it.  It took a while and by the time that was done Oliver was having to do a little extra work to keep his airwaves open.  He was wrapped in even more towels, and after a quick visit out into the waiting room to see Daddy and Grandma he was whisked away to the Neo natal unit for a little bit of help with his breathing.

He is now on a cpap to help him breath, but his stats are already improving.  I have been to see him this morning but am shattered so have managed about 1.5 hours sleep as I was living on adrenaline this morning but now my body is telling me I need a little more!  So without further ado and our birth story out there 🙂 Here is Oliver 😀





4 responses to “A Speedy Delivery

  1. claire93 says:

    absolutely TERRIFIC news ^^
    I am so pleased for you, Andrew and Oliver.

  2. Anneliese says:

    Well done Kirstyanne! Make sure you get plenty of rest now and take care of yourself. Enjoy your dear wee Oliver 🙂

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