My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

Yesterday was a long day… I think today may be even longer

on October 10, 2012


Sorry I didn’t update you all last night but by the time I got in and had tea it was rather late and all I wanted to do was go to bed… not that it made much difference as here I am at 2.40am wide awake and feeling like rubbish again 😦

So, it started with waiting in for the gas man who was coming to repair the boiler which broke on Sunday meaning we have no central heating (we do have an oil radiator we can use but have just been covering over with a blanket) and no hot water other than what we get out of the kettle… He was very nice but informed me that it was unlikely he’d get the part before weekend if at all and might need to change the boiler.  I told him to speak to the estate agent and they might agree to the new boiler straight away if the part is so difficult to get hold of.  (They are quite good at getting things sorted).  He said he was off to the warehouse to see if he could get it and would call the estate agents later in the day when he had priced everything up.  Well, weekend is a while away so I called the estate agent myself to let them know what he had said and that we needed another way to get hot water so we can at least have a bath (our shower is one that attaches to the taps so that is out of the question).  I was told they would get back to me once they had sorted out something for us.  I still haven’t heard anything so will be calling them back again today…

The morning wasn’t too bad after that, I chatted online to a friend from Oz who I haven’t been able to catch for a while due to time differences and one thing and another, watched some television and then had lunch.  That was that, then it was time for my hospital appointment…

That was another matter altogether.  I always set off early because it can be difficult to park there.  The past couple of occasions haven’t been too bad but yesterday was a complete nightmare, it took 45 minutes to find a parking space and even then I had to fight for it.  I was just in time for my appointment at 3.15pm and was asked to wait in the waiting room because the Anti-natal Assessment Unit was so busy due to some emergency calls.  Fine by me, but at 3.55pm I had to stick my head back around the door to remind them I had a scan booked at 4pm and since they had my notes I was unable to book in for that separately.  So they quickly ran my notes across to the scan department and I had that at 4.10pm and was told that there was an increased amount of fluid around the baby and that someone would discuss it with me in the ANAU,  I went back around to their department and was still waiting until 4.45pm until I was seen and they close at 5pm normally.

In the ANAU I had bloods taken, I had a normal heartbeat monitoring and the trace was good but they wanted a doctor to review me due to reduced movements (I only felt 2 yesterday) and the increased fluids.  By 6pm the doctor on call was in an emergency high risk c-section as well as all the registrars not on call but working a normal shift.  In the end the midwife made an executive decision to let me come home for the night and I have to be back there at 9am for another monitoring and a review. 

So by the time I got to Andrew and we got in, had tea and had sat down for a while it was past 9pm and I was fighting off sleep so I crawled up to bed to be woken with really bad reflux (to the point of nearly being sick with it) and stomach pains in my left side.  I will mention all this when I go back to the ANAU at 9am.  There is no point phoning the ward as they would just want me to go in for monitoring and I know they have no spare beds from all the issues yesterday so it wouldn’t be worth it. 

The sonographer told me the increased liquid could mean an earlier inducement just in case but that would all be confirmed or not with the consultant… hopefully I will be able to see my own when I go in tomorrow x I hope everyone is well x


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