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QS Free Pirate Dragon Update

on October 8, 2012


Well I’ve been up since silly o’clock itching again.  It’s a good job I’m seeing the consultant today as I’m really run down due to lack of sleep and not being able to get right.  Anyway, I managed to get some stitching done between 6 am and 7 am when Andrew got up for work and then I have done some more since then. 

Here is where I am up to.




I have also worked out how many stitches I have done (each colour has a stitch count so I have just added them all together) and worked out, from 4050 stitches that the chart has, I have already stitched 2837 stitches which means that I am 70% of the way into this little chart.  Not bad considering I only started it 12 days ago! Now all I need to do is find a nice frame for it and also some nice card to make into a mount to match.  I will have to have a look around as I am stitching it on 18 count aida it is 3” x 4.2” which is a really unusual size so I know I am going to have to do the mounting myself to make sure it fits properly 🙂 Anyway, am off to have some lunch before I have to go to the hospital for yet another appointment x

Hope everyone is well x


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