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This weekend’s update

on October 2, 2012


This weekend has been a bit of a hectic one really.  I was at the hospital on Saturday and Andrew came with me.  My blood tests came back showing my ALT was 118 and my bile acids were 36.4 so after a monitoring I was made an appointment to go back yesterday.  Saturday’s blood results are a little more positive – although my ALT’s have risen to over 130 my bile acids have gone down to 17.6.

I had a scan to check the baby’s growth yesterday and was given an estimated weight of 5lbs 4 Oz so there is a decent amount of growth since the last scan 3 weeks ago.  I then had the heart beat monitor on again and we struggled to wake him up.  After two cold glasses of water and a shuffle about it was a little bit of sugar that got some movements.  We managed one acceleration and then the midwife took the monitor off.  To be honest I was worried as for the entire of yesterday I only got 5 movements.  I told the midwife and she just said to keep an eye on it.  When I had the monitor taken off I met my consultant for the first time.  I normally see Dr Usif but he is on holiday so I saw Mr Bappa direct yesterday.  He was happy that my bile acid results are going down so moved my monitoring to twice weekly on a Monday and Friday but I have to have a scan each time and bloods each time.  He said if there are any more spikes in my bile acids he might decide on an emergency c-section but if not he would be happy for me to get to 38 weeks before inducing me.  He has added vitamin K to my prescription as well.  I’m going to be writing a birth plan with the midwife on Friday as well so hopefully I will feel a little better after that. 

I had a really bad day in myself yesterday so today I am taking Pepsi to my nana’s and going to stay over night at my mums as I need a decent hug.  Hopefully the break will give me a bit of a rest and I can see my little sister, brother and my gran as well.  It’s a long drive considering I am 34 weeks 5 days but I have done it with slipped discs that cause me a lot more pain than I am in so I am sure as long as I stop off at the service station (which I do anyway to let Pepsi have a wee and drink) and stretch off a bit I should be okay.  I can only stay one night as I have an appointment at the pain clinic for my back tomorrow – I have an acupuncture session booked in and since they are like gold dust to come by I don’t want to phone to rearrange it, so I will be leaving quite early on (just after rush hour) to get home in time to drop Pepsi off and then go over to the hospital for that appointment.  Luckily it is at the other hospital and it is much better to park there. 

I have carried on stitching on the little Heaven and Earth Designs free SAL chart from a while ago this past couple of days and am going to continue with it, I have never seen a HEAD chart progress so fast.  Here is where I am up to now with the Dragon Pirate SAL chart by Lisa Victoria.


I have received many of the threads I need to finish it and also been through the rest of my threads and pulled most of them out of my boxes so Andrew treated me to the last few so I can carry on with it until finished.  It’s a funny size so I will have to have a look see if I can find a nice little frame and I will have to make the mount myself, I was thinking a blue frame and a silver/pearlescent card for the mount would go quite well.  As you can see there is quite an outline forming now and I have started on the blues of the sky and have the Krienik blending filament to do the sparkly bits on the clouds as well.  I can’t wait to see the finished article.

I also made the mistake of having a look through the other charts that Lisa Victoria has done and fell in love with QS Wishing Star Dragon.  I mentioned on one of the groups that I liked it and that there was a coupon code bringing it down to less than £5 in price so I was going to ask Andrew for it on the Friday when he got his first wage as a treat as I think I will be able to add baby’s name and date of birth to it and turn it into a birth sampler.  I have printed off the thread list and have more than half of them which I don’t think is too bad going considering there are 89 of them! One of the ladies in the group was very kind and bought the chart for the baby as she liked it so much as well.  Cross stitchers are lovely people! So instead of Andrew buying me the chart he bought me the fabric for it 🙂 I can’t wait to make a start on it but for once I am determined to finish something first!

I’m off for now, no ease up in the itching so stitching keeps my hands busy but I need to get ready to take Andrew to work and then get on the way to Manchester otherwise I will never get there! Have a good couple of days and I will update on Friday if not before x


2 responses to “This weekend’s update

  1. claire93 says:

    your stitching is coming along fast.
    Hope next few weeks are bearable for you and that you and baby keep well

  2. kirstyross85 says:

    Thanks Claire, unfortunately I feel like I am getting worse 😦 going to be phoning Ante-Natal Assessment Unit today as still getting reduced movements and have had a lot of other issues in the past couple of days. I was awake stitching at 3. 30am this morning as I woke up really itchy and had to do something with my hands so the blue on the right hand side has now been finished and I only have a little of it to do on the right x

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