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Why does customer loyalty no longer matter?

on September 27, 2012


It bugs me but I got my car insurance renewal through the other day.  With my no claims etc you think it would be going down – but no.  £1093 for the year fully comp!  I have done a search on the internet and can get it for £400 – £450 with the same level of cover so I certainly won’t be going back to them which is a shame as I have had no issues with them at all.   I gave them a call and the gent told me he could have a look and see what else he could do, he managed to knock it down to £650 over £400 less than the quote I was sent – why is there such a difference??? The mind boggles, it really does.  Surely it would make more sense to say your quote is £650 and have less people leaving because they aren’t trying to charge extortionate prices?  Oh well that’s my rant for the morning out of the way.

Been back to the hospital this morning – my bile acid results have gone down to 35.3 which is still high but obviously not as high as 40.4, the monitoring was fine and they have taken more blood tests so hopefully they will have the results ready for when I go back on Saturday.  There is no change to the plan at the moment – still got to go at 9am Saturday morning for it all to be done again and then on Monday I have to go in at 3pm for blood tests, monitoring and blood pressure, then I have a growth scan at 4pm and my consultant appointment is after that.  Then I have to go back on Wednesday for normal observations – and the midwife has said that they will go through my birth plan at that point for me as I am 34 weeks today and they don’t think I’ll go much past 37 now if at all.  Here’s my bump pic for the week:


I didn’t do any stitching yesterday as I had such a bad day.  I was tired and felt rubbish in myself, I had no energy to do anything other than scratch so I will be doing some today to make up for it.  I will post a quick update tonight to show you what I’ve managed x

I hope everyone is well x


2 responses to “Why does customer loyalty no longer matter?

  1. themilkmade says:

    I think insurance companies hope people will simply renew with them and not bother to shop around! And sadly some people probably do… You’re not the only one; we always get the same cover elsewhere a lot less than our renewal quote wanted! It’s a real swizz!

    • kirstyross85 says:

      It’s terrible that they do it, when I phoned to tell them not to renew my insurance I was put through to a retentions agent who magically dropped the renewal quote to £650! I hadn’t changed anything at all so they shouldn’t do it, no wonder the FSA is looking into the whole industry. On a more positive note I renewed my insurance yesterday morning with a different company and my monthly payments have nearly halved. 🙂

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