My Journey

From mind to paper and back again.

A Quick Stitchy Update As Promised.

on September 27, 2012


I didn’t work on QS Blue Butterfly today as I have had a headache since coming back from the hospital and didn’t want to work over such a small count.  So instead I have been working on QS Free Dragon Pirate which is taken from this and is lovely too but I wanted to do the smaller version.  I had the fabric gridded out a while ago and this morning I got some of the threads out of my thread box.  It is a lot easier to have in the car as it is only 75 x 54 stitches so nice and easy to hold – even on 18 count which is what I decided to stitch it on.  This is what I have done this afternoon x It doesn’t look like much but there are more than 200 stitches there and 4 colours (although three are greys) I may have to keep this one in the car with me so I can stitch when I get to wait for Andrew from work in the afternoons as well as when I’m at the hospital. x



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