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Parenting classes

on September 23, 2012

I went on my first one yesterday – the breast feeding one.  It worked out well cause I was able to drop Andrew off at work at 8.30am and make my way to the hospital for it starting at 10am.  We were given information about how to position the baby to enable it to get to the breast easily, and how a baby should clamp on to the breast whilst feeding.  As well as that we were shown how to hand express should we need to and also some of the different devices that are available to aid breast feeding.  I must admit that I already have a manual pump as a just in case and will be expressing once baby is established with breast feeding so Andrew can have some bonding time as well.  The midwife advised us on what time it is best to do bottle feeds and to try and continue doing the night time feeds for as long as possible as that is when the hormones that help produce the milk are in full flow so to speak.  She also gave us some information about breastfeeding at work and how an employer has to support an employee throughout the process which was good as it gives me an idea of what I can do should I still be breast feeding by the time I do go back to work.  We were also shown around the post natal ward which I have to say is much the same as the antenatal ward.

I went straight from the breast feeding class to the ANAU for my observations and blood tests.  Why when you tell someone that you have bad veins and the easiest place to get blood is from such a place, do they insist on stabbing you three or four times in various other places first before admitting that actually you might know your own body better than they do and yes you must be right? Grrrr.  It bugs me.  We had an hour and half on the monitor again just because there was another deceleration like Wednesday and also because the baby seemed to fall asleep. It was rather funny until I had to drink a pint of ice cold water to wake the baby up, it made me need a wee and I was stuck on the machine another 45 minutes afterwards!

I made a decision this morning to stitch on one of my bigger projects because although I am determined to get the baby feet done in time I really need a break from them and Christmas cards.  So this morning I got my QS Blue Butterfly from Heaven and Earth Designs out and did some work on it.  I have re-gridded the piece which I am glad I did as I found out that I have gone slightly wrong on it, and need to do some frogging in the bottom left corner but in the mean time I have re-stitched the light blue in the bottom right and started on the dark pink in the top left.  Here is todays update Smile



2 responses to “Parenting classes

  1. Mandy Currie says:

    Hello Kirstyanne, glad to hear you’re still hanging in there with us. I really admire that you’ve started on your Christmas cards, I’ve not done a thing. Every year I plot and plan that things are going to be organised differently. Oh well, perhaps I’ll get there one day. Are you definitely having a little boy? It’s going to be so great to meet him after all your adventures. Good for you starting a larger project, I still haven’t started my Lowry from you yet. I’ve really been off my sewing and reading instead. You inspire my with your strength and perseverence, you are a star. Take care dear friend, you are in my prayers. Love Mandy xx

    • kirstyross85 says:

      Thank you so much Mandy x I am still here and baby is staying put. We have had the sex confirmed twice now (but we still picked a girls name just in case). I have only done little cards for Christmas, quick stitches that take roughly 30 minutes to an hour and I can do them while waiting for hospital appointments or for Andrew to come out of work. I can’t wait to meet baby either, I was saying to Andrew today, I wonder will he have my dark hair or Andrews light locks, I think he will have blue eyes but I don’t know if they will be bluey grey like Andrews or bright blue like mine. I can’t wait to meet him 🙂 I started this HEAD last Christmas and it has taken a back seat for far too long, so today I have gridded it properly, re done the light blue that had to be taken out and unpicked the black and light pink in the bottom left corner, I have redone the dark pink in that corner ready to put the light pink and black back in place (correctly this time) but that should be much easier now it has been gridded. I have done over 1000 stitches today and I really have enjoyed it, whats more – it has taken my mind off scratching! I have many less scratches and cuts today so I will be doing more of the same tomorrow and hopefully at the end of the week will have a really good progress picture to share 🙂 Next week I hope to work on Cleopatra and see if I can get any nearer to finishing her x
      I hope you get your Lowry out soon, sometimes a little freebie kit off the front of one of the magazines can kick start my stitching bug – I just needed a break away from feet! 😀

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