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It’s been another long day

on September 17, 2012

In fact, my days feel more exhausting now I am on maternity leave than they did when I was in work! I hope that changes soon.

Anyway, I promised an update on the baby and hospital appointments so here goes:

I was told to get to the hospital for a scan between 2pm and 2.30pm with a view to seeing my consultant at 3pm.  So I got there at 1.55 and after a few minutes the health care assistant shouted me to tell me that I hadn’t been booked in for a scan, had I got the dates wrong as I am booked in next week for a scan?  I explained what Dr Usif had told me on Friday before letting me go home and she told me to sit back down in the waiting area and they would sort it out.  Ten minutes later she shouted me again to tell me I couldn’t have a scan as I only had one last week and had I got it mixed up?  Did Dr Usif want a heart beat trace?  I told her no, I had one of those last night and explained again what Dr Usif had told me.  Her response to that was that she would have to see him to find out what my care plan consisted off because she couldn’t second guess him.  So again I sat back in the waiting area.

Ten minutes after that a midwife shouted me in to a room to do a blood pressure test and have a quick listen to baby’s heart beat.  I hadn’t been in the room two minutes before she asked me how I have been feeling and I just burst into tears.  Needless to say the scratching is waking me up in the night and I am getting very stressed about it so add that to the lack of sleep and the general feeling of being unwell and it all got a little too much for me.  The midwife must have thought I was a right loon.  So anyway, she got me some tissue and listened to baby’s heart beat and then told me to wait in the same room until the doctor came in to review my notes.

Fifteen minutes passed before a Dr Singh came in and asked what I was at the hospital for today.  I told her I wasn’t being funny but Dr Usif had specifically said he would see me to review my bloods as he saw me all last week.  She told me I should just put up with the itching it was normal in pregnancy and I responded by telling her that had she read my notes she would know I have cholestasis and that I want to see Dr Usif.  She stormed out and never came back in.  Dr Usif did a few minutes after though.

He checked my blood results and confirmed that they are all getting slightly better, but also confirmed that he can’t do anything else now for the itching and I just have to put up with it.  He booked me in for twice weekly monitoring and weekly bloods over the next two weeks and then rebooked the scan that I should have had for 1st October.  Once I have had that scan I am seeing him straight afterwards for him to make a decision on when to induce me.  He wants to try and get me to 37 weeks but isn’t sure that will happen.  In the mean time I have the 1st October as a date to work towards and know that at least I will be properly monitored by the hospital as well as my own midwife who I am seeing on Thursday as normal.  He also told me I have to call any time I feel reduced movements and that I have to call if everything gets too much for me to see him again.  So that is good at least.  Nothing else to tell you for now, I hope you all have had a better day than me! x


4 responses to “It’s been another long day

  1. Mandy Currie says:

    Oh Kirstyanne, my heart goes out to you, I know it’s been a long haul for you, but there’s not much longer, keep strong my friend and keep your chin up. It will all be worth it when it’s over and you have your little bundle of joy. God bless my friend. Kind Regards Mandy Currie

  2. Glynis says:

    It will soon be a distant memory.. Once your baby is here all this will fade away..
    Stay strong.. xx

  3. kirstyross85 says:

    Thank you Glynis – it’s getting harder and harder to deal with as I’m sleeping less than a couple of hours a night so I’m getting over tired. I did have a day off from hospital appointments yesterday and managed to have a morning with Andrews nan and grandad then an afternoon having coffee with my friend before getting Andrew from work. When we came home he ran me a lovely bath and cooked my tea so I was able to take my mind off it all for a while yesterday x

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